Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Yearly Booklist est. 1994

My Obsessive Compulsive tendencies have been well documented and this post will just enhance these claims.

I'm a sucker for stats and although I usually stick to those of the sporting kind. These however are of my reading kind and range from number of books read to average pages for book. My brother and I would spend quite a lot of time reading and it just seemed natural that we would enter our books read including page totals as a sort of competition. Now it's just a habit and I can look back on certain years and remember the types of books I was reading.

They probably won't be of immediate interest to a stranger but I must admit when I first visit a house the first thing I look for is the bookcase and I give it a pretty good study. The eclectic range of books say a lot about the owner and are often a great conversation starter. It's funny because a few times I asked about books and the owner hadn't read any of the 'good' ones. It got me thinking would someone buy a book to have on their shelves for the aesthetic of looking smart?

The only stats that stands out to me is the fact that I've read at least one Stephen King book every year since 1994 (the year I started recording the books read.) except 2004, my first year teaching when I read 3 books in total.

Anyway here is a look at the books I have read so far this year and an overall look at my yearly stats.

Until then hail to the 37!

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