Thursday, May 26, 2011

Kevin Smith - Movie List

My esteemed sibling over at Stinkbrown has completed his KSML so I thought I would show him how it's done!!

1. Chasing Amy

2. Clerks

3. Jersey Girl

4. Dogma

5. Mallrats

6. Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back

E7. Zack and Miri Make A Porno
E7. Clerks 2

N/A. Cop Out
#1 - Chasing Amy is one of my favourite movies of all time for it's hearts, dialogue and Jason Lee. There are some great little scenes here and although it is purely a static camera with people walking into and out of shot the script is so good as too rise above these limitations. Some great quotes to be had here also!!!
#2 - Again a great script overcomes lack of DOP prowess. Also revered for it's status as 'look at what a 1st time director with no money could do.'
#3 - Jersey Girl strikes a chord with me for the heart it has (too cheesy sometimes!) and performance of underrated Affleck. Also has Liv Tyler which added a length to my furlong!
#4 - Great cast, good script and a more polished director. Held back by unnecessary bad language and that poo monster????
#5 - Good script but made so much better by newcomer Jason Lee. A more seasoned director and a supporting cast to match Lee would have made a cult classic. Honourable mention to Michael Rooker!
#6 - J&SBSB has some great dialogue and excellent cameos (Will Ferrell and Ben & Matt) but is too conscious of itself and doesn't try as hard as it should.
E&7's - Didn't find any heart in either Z&M or C2 amongst the trash and filth. A good reason why Smith sometimes needs a producer who will say no. Surely Mosier knew the whole donkey tripe was too far. I wasn't offended but just thought it reeked of adolescent humour untamed.
Cop Out - Still haven't seen it, I will but know it'll be under #6.
Overall an average career with a couple of gems. Certainly no Scorsese or Coen but a good eye for dialogue has seen KS forge out a career.
Hoping Red State slots in above #3 and shows Kevin that Smith can be diverse and doesn't need to pander to the lowest common denominator!
Until then hail to the 4 way road!