Friday, September 11, 2009

Top Ten - The Threes

Had the 37 week scan yesterday and everything is going well. Only 2-3 weeks to go!!!!!! Also had the baby capsule installed/fitted in the car so it’s definitely becoming a reality.

One week of school to go and I’ll be a father before I teach again. Let’s hope I’m ready for it!!!!

Here is the top 3


The WanderersI never did it to nobody’s daughter

This is another childhood movie that I might not have in my list if I wasn’t exposed to it early on. There are no real big names although Ken Wahl might disagree. Karen Allen is a moderate star and Terror also known as Dynamo.

It has a killer soundtrack and the penultimate Stand by me reference scene used to portray the nation’s pain during the announcement of J.F.K assassination.

Riddled with quote’s and iconic scenes this movie is perennial viewing in my house. Ducky boys and one of the all time Gridiron scenes ever.


Scene from an Italian restaurant - Billy Joel

A bottle of white, a bottle of red
Perhaps a bottle of rose instead
Get a table near the street
In our old familiar place
You and I face to face
A bottle of red, a bottle of white
It all depends on your appetite
I'll meet you any time you want
In our Italian Restaurant.
Things are okay with me these days
I got a good job,
I got a good office
I got a new wife, got a new life
And the family's fine
We lost touch long ago
You lost weight
I did not know
You could ever look so nice after
So much time.
Do you remember those days hanging out
At the village green
Engineer boots, leather jackets
And tight blue jeans
You drop a dime in the box
And play a song about New Orleans
Cold beer, hot lights
My sweet romantic teenage nights
Brenda and Eddie were the popular steadies
And the king and the queen of the prom
Riding around with the car top down and the radio on
Nobody looked any finer
Or was more of a hit at the Parkway Diner
We never knew we could want more than that out of life
Sure that Brenda and Eddie would always know how to survive.
Brenda and Eddie were still going steady in the summer of '75
When they decided the marriage would be at the end of July
Everyone said they were crazyBrenda you know that you're much too lazy
And Eddie could never afford to live that kind of life
But there we were wavin' Brenda and Eddie goodbye.
Well they got an apartment
With deep pile carpets
And a couple of paintings from Sears
A big waterbed
That they bought with the bread
They had saved for a couple of years
They started to fight When the money got tight
And they just didn't count on the tearsROCK and ROLL
Well they lived for a while In a very nice style
But it's always the same in the end
They got a divorce
As a matter of course
And they parted the closest of friends
Then the king and the queen Went back to the green
But you can never go back there again.
Brenda and Eddie had had it all ready by the summer of '75
From the high to the low to the end of the show for the rest of their lives
Couldn't go back to the greasers
The best they could do was pick up their pieces
We always knew they would both find a way to get by
And that's all I heard about Brenda and Eddie
Can't tell you more cause I told you already
And here we are wavin' Brenda and Eddie goodbye.
Bottle of reds, ooo a bottle of whites
Whatever kind of mood you're in tonight
Meet you anytime you want
In our Italian Restaurant.

I loved this song in my teens but as I’ve grown older and drifted away from high school these is even more pertinent. I’ve stuck by my rule of only one artist so William was always going to be here and this is my standout of many great tracks.

T.V Series

The OfficeThat’s what she said

Now the purists might disagree but I prefer the U.S version. Yes I was originally hooked on the Gervais version and he is very funny although cringe worthy. However as an ensemble the U.S is funnier and has longevity going for it. Dwight is all-time and there is something about Pam but Michael Scott is the heart behind it all. Speaking of ensemble every character brings something to the mix, from Creed to Stanley’s face and Kevin’s sly dog eyes!!


Rebel without a crewRobert Rodriguez

This book single handedly inspired me to give writing a go. I was always interested and thought it would be a great idea to try but after reading this the first time I started writing a feature length script with my older brother. Looking back it’s pretty average but I’m sure most first scripts are. I have since written 2 other feature length scripts of which one is average and one in my humble opinion is very doable. I’ve also had a short script produced and featured in 3 film festivals so far and in the only competitive one won best film. I’ve also co-written a short with my younger brother and is currently being reviewed for funding and will go into pre-production soon if successful. None of this would have occurred if not for the inspirational tale of a 23 year old that had a plan and is now a major film-maker in Hollywood. I have read this 3-4 times cover to cover and certain chapters more times. Anyone remotely interested in the movie business and how a film can be made this is a must read. Even as I’m writing this I’m wondering if it should be 1 or 2 on my list.