Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Burst of writing!

Although I don't officially call myself a writer - yet!!!I do write and I find I either can or I can't. Black and white. When I can't I may as well not bother and I usually don't. But when I can it flows and I get hooked on the feeling. In the last 48 hours I have written 1 and a half short scripts and polished another.

Let's just hope there is something there worth reading.

Until then hail to the Black and white!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Top Ten - The Fours

Just had a relaxing day off (Charters Towers Show) and NO I didn't go!!!

Saw Milk, yes Sean Penn was good, although there were a few times I thought I was watching I am Sam. Interesting that Penn acts gay and mentally impaired similarly??

Finished reading another HardCase Crime book Home is the Sailor. Good, clever but not The Gutter and the Grave.

Top Tens - The Fours


Chasing Amy - What's a nubian?

The fact that I found it so hard to pick a 'quote' tells a story about how many times I seen it and how clever it really is!!

Sure for Kevin Smith's 3rd feature it is a case of 'talking heads'. But I will always take a quality script over stylised camera work. Michael Bay is reading this with a tear in his eye. The difference is Kevin Smith's tear is emotional, see Affleck chewing up the scenary outside the ice rink. Whereas Michael Bay's tear is all about the crystal shape as it slides down the check in slow motion.

I saw this at the cinemas with my brother (Stinkbrown), long story and thought Ben Affleck tore it up. However after many many viewing I think Jason Lee more than holds his own.

This is obviously my favourite of the Smith films and at one point would have sat at number one. The themes of insecurity and friendship really hit at the time.


How Far Have We Really Come? - Powderfinger

Despite the miseries
And the lessons learned from history
The pattern still repeats
Never to surrender don't you ever retreat
How far have we really come?
Until the ones who are leading us
Make peace their resolution tonight
Make peace your resolution tonight
There's an arms race to be run
Building bigger better dagger headed bombs
So let's drink to the daughters and sons
Never to return to their mother's arms
For every battle lost and won are these the ones that we offer up?

Great lyrics, melody and a good tune to sing along to!

T.V Series

Entourage - Lets Hug it out Bitch

I only found this series 8 months ago. It was aired in an aweful timeslot (much like Arrested Development) and was viewed mainly on pay T.V which I don't have. My bro of the stink variety has all of the seasons on his laptop, I'm assured legally!!! We watched the entire first season in the 3 nights we stayed with him. The next week my wife and I stayed at the beach (Caloundra) and bought season 2,3 and 4. During the course of our 8 night stay we watched every episode and even found time to conceive a baby.

I find Vince 'Vinny' Chase to be vacuous and boring. E is okay and Turtle holds his own but the two stand out characters and probably both are in my top ten characters are Ari Gold, Vinny's agent and Johnny 'Drama' Vinny's more talanted older brother actor.

My lovely wife thinks my anger issues are very similar to Ari's. He has many of the best lines like 'The script's been changed more times than Andy Dick's vibrator' and his many tirades in Lloyd direction.

I am a member of the fan club of Johnny 'Drama' on facebook but that doesn't come close to showing how funny I think his character is. Kevin Dillon has been underrated for a long time and many would be excused for thinking he peaked back in the 80's with his breakout (in my opinion) performance in The Blob. That would have been correct until Entourage premiered. Many of Dramas best moments are reactions of his in the background and the everpresent look of hurt on his face. FREEDOM!!!!!!!!


American Psycho - Bret Easton Ellis

Before I start, opps I already have, I did read this before the movie was made. However Christian Bale chews it up!! yum yum!

This was one of the first book I read that I thought 'Are you allowed to write about stuff like this?' I also dug the conversation it generated about the themes particularly when he goes back to the apartment of someone he killed and the creepy lady talks to him. I still need to read more Ellis so any suggestion on which one would be great!!

That's the fours and the threes will be here within the week.

Bub is approximately 8 and a half weeks.

Until then hail to the four way intersection!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

The Waiting game

My brother and I have officially submitted a short film script for a pair of producers to decide whether they want to raise money to make it. I find the wiating part the hardest. I find myself constantly checking my emails and wondering if someone else will find the musings of a pair of Lindsays worthy of a full scale production. My first (and only thus far) script to be made into a legitimate film happened so quickly and easily I could be forgiven for believe it's that easy with every script. Admittedly it has opened door for producers to read my work, one of the hardest parts of the process. If we get the go ahead for our lastest you are sure to read about it here!!!

On another note it's half time in the Kangaroos V Lions game and I'm wondering why a struggling club (Kangaroos) persists with players who are consistently not performing. Yes I'll name names. David Hale is our full forward and when he manages to actually be lucky enough have a kick for goal, he needs to be even luckier manage a score. Sam Power's kicking seems to be getting worse and Lindsay Thomas throws himself around like he's Jake the Muss' wife. Thomas cook the man some fu$%ing (sorry trying to keep it clean!) eggs. Plus dropping Grima is a travesty when we (read Kangaroos) need to see where the future is and he's playing quite well.

Bub is due around Grand Final day so at least I don't have to worry about missing my team in September action. Yes that's right as of tomorrow it's only 9 week til till my brood swells.

Until then hail to the youth policy!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Hard Case Crime

I've had 2 weeks holiday. Luckily for me that is something I can say every 10 weeks as I'm a teacher. My wife is pregnant and due is 11 weeks so I didn't do a hell of a lot. Sadly no writing (don't ask!!) but I hit Entourage pretty hard and my in-laws visited briefly. I also found a love. I have read at least one Stephen King book every year since 1995. I have met another 'book' I would like to strike up another passion. Hard Case Crime!!! My well read little brother bought me one for X-mas last year. The Colorado Kid by Stephen King, yes I notice the irony! I really enjoyed the book (read it before New Years) but didn't really notice the HCC connection. My Bro then informed me there were many more and quality amoungst them!!!!! So I purchased The Vengeful Virgin and The Gutter and the Grave. In 3 days I had read both and was hooked. I read the former 1st and loved it. I could envision the smoke and the atmosphere. Like a Coen Brothers movies staring Bogart. Very 50's very noir. I then read the latter and fell hard. Clever dialogue and more twists than a fonzie (see Twisties). I have since bought several more and cannot wait to delve into the universe of noir!!

Until then thanks Bro!!!

The Pessimistic venetian!

This might at first sound like boasting (and I guess partly it is!) but too bad.

I'd like to congratulate everyone at Lav Productions (partcularly Lav Bodnaruk and Michale Mier) for there success with their short film The Pessimist. The Pessimist penned by moi has been nominated for 4 awards at the QFNA (Qld New Filmmakers Awards) this year. Best independent drama, best sound, best producer and best director. Sure I'm not up for best writer but I am so happy for everybody involved for how it has turned out!!

Then to cap it off The Pessimist will be screening in Venice. That's right the home of the gondola!!!! For the Circuito Off Venice International Short Film Festival.

Until then hail to the gloater!!