Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Why a 2nd draft is so hard!

Ryan and I have embarked on a mission to write a successful short film script. Ryan gave me the concept and I went away and wrote the script. I sent it on to Ryan who had heaps of changes and ideas and we persisted with this system for about 8 emails each. Once we were both happy with the story etc I did my best to get a producer to read it. I was very lucky last year to have one of my script mades into a quality short which has put me on IMDB and given me some credability as a credited writer. This has given us the 'foot in the door' for producers to actually open my emails and a few producers have said when they have an open window they would be interested in talking to us about a deal.

Two producers have expressed a little more interest with Alex Hartwin from Dark Geometry stating that he is booked up for the next 6 months but if the script is still on the table would be interested in a deal.

Also 2 producing partners in Brisbane, Angela Faria and Sonia Armstrong are interested in seeing a 2nd draft and generating government funding (meaning I will get paid for this one!) and making a real go on the Festival circuit.

To hark back to the title of the blog, I am finding it very hard to produce a 'real' 2nd draft. Why? Because Ryan and I were relatively happy with the first draft and seeing where the changes were needed is much harder. Hence I need an honest appraisement of what works and more importantly what does not work. That way I would be able to focus on a particular character, scene or overall story arc. Anyone interested in giving their honest appraisal can contact me on jlind78@gmail.com

Although Ryan I have come up with a different spin and will do up a version 2 and send it on to you!

On another note Annaliese is 20 weeks pregnant (halfway) and doing very well!!

Until then hail to Big Daddy!