Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Top Ten Sports to Watch/Play #3

Top Sport to Watch #3

Basketball - Clyde the Glide

During the early 90's I introduced gridiron to my family and my younger Bro brought basketball to the mix. We followed separate NBL and NBA teams but that only makes it more interesting. We even went to a NBL All-Star game which was awesome including the dunk comp! NBA was Jordan mad so we watched plenty of Sat morning NBA time. High School finished and like alot of my friends we lost contact. Well I now have the HD channels and like an old friend it was fun to catch up and out of no where I fell for the Celtics, and over the last 5 months we have been reacquainted and we(the Celtics) are 1 game away from the finals.

It's also a fast paced (minus the timeouts) exciting, skillful game.

Top Sports to Play #3

Basketball - Trojans Vs Reeconiks

I was unfortunate to have my 3 best friends in high school being very good at sport. Any Sport! So when we were 17 and formed a basketball team I was the weak link and looking back at it I really took it to heart. I'm also only about 5" 10' and was usually the tallest or 2nd tallest in the team so was grossly out of position. That is not an excuse for my bad shooting or turnovers but basketball is number #3 on my list so I obviously enjoy the game.

I am a huge stats man so my trusty younger bro would tag along and keep my stats which couldn't have too hard as I averaged about 4 points a game. However one particular game stands out as we had alot of players who couldn't play so my older brother Marc stepped in and my 13 year old brother played as well. Take into account we were playing 'C' grade mens it is pretty impressive. Unfortunately Ryan's 3 point buzzer beater at the end of the 1st half over shadowed my best scoring game of 15 points.

Until then hail to the tre!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Top Ten Sports to Watch/Play #4

Top Sport to Watch #4

Cricket - Before the men started taking their wives on tour

As any red blooded Aussie male I've seen my fair share of Aussie cricket. Not interested in Sheffield Shield it has to be Australia and preferably ODI or TESTS. Haven't really taken to 20TWENTY but will watch it if no other sport on!!!!  I grew up playing in the backyard and I was Dean Jones and my younger bro Mark Waugh and I listened to The 12th Man. I've been a huge fan of Pontings throughout his whole career! A bit late for DK Lillie and Co but still the Aussie team has been in a state of constant halcyon years since I've been alive! Love beating the KIWI's and particularly the POMS in the Ashes.

Top Sport to Play #4

Soccer - Liverpool kiss! Chelsea smile!

The only reason I have this above 5-8 is because of the round ball and it's easier therefore I'm better at it! Yes I get more enjoyment if I can actually participate!!!! Fancy myself as a bit of a striker but never played professionally! I'm sure I'll get out in the playground come World Cup!!

Can I also give a shout out to my esteemed little bro. He is a published writer of some note and has his thick cheerio fingers in many pies and as of today has launched a new blog/website thoughtballoon where 9 writers including him pick a comic character each week to write a one page comic script each. They've started with Tony Stark and as of now they have 2 very different yet interesting takes on the Tin Man.

Until then hail to the Stark!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Top Ten Sports to Watch/Play #6 and #5

Well here are my #6

Sports to Watch

Tennis - Grand Slams only!!!!

To be honest patriotism comes into it more than watching good players!!!  Federer is an awesome player and seemingly a nice guy but I've never rooted for him. I will be interested in a grand slam if an Aussie is playing otherwise not really at all.  Having said that if an Aussie is in a final I will stay up all night and really enjoy the spectacle.

Sports to Play

Cricket - 2 wickets for 4 runs off 4 overs.

I never played as a kid and this year I partook in the famous Charters Towers Ashes and played 3 games. If I was any good at cricket I'd have it in my top 3 or 4. But I am dodgier than a prawn left in the sun. In 3 games I made 3, 1 and an 8. Not good at all. Admittedly after each ball I grabbed my stubbie from behind the wickets and had a good old swig. Gloves weren't a problem as I didn't wear any. I did however enjoy my 8 by hitting a cracking cut shot for 4 but then the rain started and by the ball that took my wicket hit the pitch about 2 metres in front of me and rolled into my stumps. Yes I know excuses but I reckon I had a few more runs in me. As for bowling, I was a little better but that wasn't hard. Game 1 -  I took 2 for 4 and ran someone out from just inside the boundary.  Game 2 - 2 for 6 and another long run out. and Game 3 - 1 for lots in the rain.  Yes Ryan my 3 days I was more concerned with stats and beers!

Well here are my #5

Sports to Watch

Baseball - RedSox baby!!!!!

I have very fond memories of staying up late with my younger bro with a real strong coffee and watching 3 innings before falling asleep on the dirty mocha chicken couch!!!!  I'm now a relatively big Boston RedSox fan any game on ONE is enjoyed!

Sports to Play

Baseball - Karingal SC regional champs

I have a ball and glove and in high school enjoyed having a hit. I was on the school team that won the regional champs as an outfielder and back up pitcher. Sure I was probably the weakest link on the team but I enjoyed it and would have to say I'm better at this than cricket and yes the enjoyment factor goes up if I'm better for it!

Until then hail to the hit and giggle!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Top Ten Sports to Watch/Play #8 and #7

Well here are my #8

Sports to Watch

Golf - 18 Holes isn't enough for Tiger

To watch golf I have to pick a 'swinger' to 'follow' and only the big events!!!!!!

Sports to Play

Tennis - Beating Aiden being the highlight

I have swung the racket a couple of times but my win over Aiden at UNE was the highlight.

Well here are my #7

Sports to Watch

Soccer - Living in England during the 2006 World Cup was awesome!

I've never been a huge fan but I'll keep an eye on Aussie qualifiers and the Fury but damn I'm in for the World Cup. Less than a month to go!!!!

Sports to Play

Golf - Royal Chindarah

I really enjoy Golf but I am not very good at it and my patience isn't great so it can be frustrating!!!!  However I usually enjoy the experience and can usual come close to Rowey or Ryan.  Hanging the 14th hole flag proudly is almost a highlight!!!! How teeing off and landing less than a metre from the pin after a drink fuelled superbowl is it!

Until then hail to South Africa!!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Top Ten sports to watch and play!!! The Nines

Well I've already changed my top ten selection from Netball to Darts. Well this has shaken my list to it's very core!!

I'm going to forge ahead anyway as I'm interested in the discussion it will generate!!!

Well here are the nines!!!!

Top Ten sports to play - Nine


Yes mixed netball I played in the Charters Towers 'B' Grade premiership team 07. I found that it is an excellent workout and my competitive spirit definitely kicked in!!!  This is again here based on lack of other options.  I did think darts but have never actually played it sober or for sport although I'm a bit of a fan. Any sport you can play with a schooner in your hand is okay by me. However I find I am more into netball and probably a better player.

Top Ten sports to watch - Nine

Ice Hockey - The Great Gretzky

Back in the day my mates and I would play a bit of a Sega MegaDrive and the staple at my place was EA Sports (it's in the game!). haha I still say it when I play Madden 09 on my PC!!!!!  We had most Madden's, a run hungry Joe Montana Sports talk football, NBA and NHL 94 (I think?). I had the first version where you could fight which was a bonus. The early nineties were a time for alot of American sports on TV and amongst the NFL, NBA and MLB we also partook in a little NHL. Not heaps as it's only 9 on the list but enough!!!

So doubters where have I gone wrong?

Until then it's in the game!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Top Ten - Sports to play!!!!!! Sports to watch!!!

Okay I am absolutely certain that I will post this and someone (Ryan or Aidan) will notice an obvious choice missing like cricket or basketball (both included!!)

So with minimal research and only a solid top 8 here it is!!!!

Top 10 to play!! #10

Ice Hockey - You'd like pretty funny eating corn on the cob with no ****ing teeth

I've been ice skating several times and considering I haven't done it much I'm serviceable!!!!  I've only held a stick once and based on my greenness it's a lowly 10. Also the fact that I haven't latched onto a team to follow is another reason for the position.

Top 10 to watch!! #10

DARTS!!!!!!!!!!!! -     One hundred and eightttttyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy  (note: changed after posting!!)

Can't believe I put netball in ahead!!!!!!!! Thanks Stink!!!!!

Netball - Long legs and pointy elbows

This is really only made the grade because I couldn't think of a better option. Com'n Ryan or Aidan what should replace it????  I've played netball for a season and appreciate the stamina required and I have watched a bot particularly Commonwealth Games.

One debate I had with my inner monologue is....  can you split a sport into mens and womens?????

Anyway that's the tens with nines following very shortly!!!!

Until then hail to those legs!