Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Kevin Smith Movie List (New and Improved)

This is my updated Kevin Smith list to include Cop Out. Since my last 'list' I've watched every Smith movie so I can get a better handle on their respective placings. My wife doesn't understand why I like these movies so much but she doesn't have a predilection to dick and fart jokes. I guess what I appreciate most is Kevin's eye for dialogue and getting the best of his cast. (see Shannon Doherty) Ok let's proceed to:


Cop Out

This didn't smell like a Smith movie, it didn't sounds like a Smith movie and it damn well didn't taste like one. I do like me some Bruce Willis and I was hoping for a 'Last Boy Scout' type character but instead got 'Whole nine yards' one. Tracey Morgan took his pay check and just 'did' himself. Bizarre cameos from people like Sean William Scott didn't add to the plot either.


Zak and Miri make a Porno

Maybe if this came out when I was 18 I would have enjoyed the flesh more, but... it wasn't. The 2 main characters were so immoral that it was hard to fall for the nice warm moments at the end. Definitely not Smith at his best.


Clerks 2

I am a huge fan of the first installment so was even more disappointed by this crass lacklustre performance. This was missing the witty dialogue and sense of restraint from the 1st. Surely when Smith and uber producer Scott Mosier were watching the dailies the 'donkey' scene was obviously too far, even for Smith. I also found the bright visuals were at odds with the black and white original.


Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back

J&SBSB has some great dialogue and excellent cameos (Will Ferrell, Ben Affleck & Matt Damon) but is too conscious of itself and doesn't try as hard as it should. This is much better than 7 through 9 but not quite up to the top 5.



For a follow up script to phenomenon Clerks, made all the better by the fantastic debut of Jason Lee. A more capable supporting cast to match Lee would have made this one of the cult teen movies of the 90's. An honourable mention has to go to Michael Rooker who played his character pitch perfect! Ethan Suplee can be seen in a less than meaty role;)



I really dug the look and feel of Dogma. It's a very derisive topic handled mostly with care. A great young cast of some of the best up and comers accompanied by a pretty tight script makes for a very enjoyable flick. The poo monster seemed out of place with the tone of the movie but doesn't kill it.

Jersey Girl
As seen by my top choice, I like the movies with a bit of heart and a story to say. There's something about Jersey Girl that strikes a chord with me for the heart it has even if it is a little too cheesy sometimes! An underrated performance by Affleck lifts this as the the angelic Liv Tyler. I particularly liked the relationships. Father and daughter, father and son & father and career. A quality cameo from Will Smith was a surprising and worthy addition. 

Although it is revered as a look what a first time director with no money or cast can do, I appreciate it for the funny and witty script is delivered by a cast of nobodies. Kevin was making a movie he wanted to see and didn't have a production company looking over his shoulder. Proves that you do not need a big budget to make 90 minutes of enjoyable film. 


Chasing Amy

This is one of my favourite movies of all time for it's heart, dialogue and Jason Lee. There are some great little scenes here and although it is purely a static camera with people walking into and out of shot the script is so good as too rise above these limitations. Jason Lee and Ben Affleck are perfectly paired as the best mates who may have muddies how close their relationship is. Little nuances like the ice hockey game linked with the Affleck and Joey Lauren Adams argument is awesome. Many great quotes from this are still being bandied about. At least in my house! This is a must see movie for lovers of the relationship genre who wants some different fro the usual troupes handed out.

Overall an above average career with a couple of gems. Kevin Smith's strength is his eye for dialogue and interesting look relationships. His new movie coming out is 'Red State', a horror/slasher flick that looks at the moment to tick all of my boxes so I hoping for a top 4 finish. I hope it also shows Kevin Smith and his detractors that he can be diverse and doesn't need to pander to the lowest common denominator!

Until then hail to Amy!


  1. No love for Cop Out? Nah, me either. Not very good at all. I want to watch Zack and Miri again, I didn't think it was that bad. Clerks 2 is one of those flicks that's good, but nothing great at all.

    And as for you and Jersey Girl. You are a lady.

    You have to listen to Hollywood Babble-On's Comic Con Theatre, they read the first issue of Cacophony and it's pretty damn cool. It's a dark Adam West. Get on it. Now.

  2. Do you mean a particular podcast or all of them? Do I need to listen to them in order?