Friday, August 5, 2011

The Process - Podcast

I listened to Episode 1 of The Process (free on iTunes) because my brother is one of the three voices but I listened to Episode 2 because it was interesting and enjoyable. The voices I speak of are Kurtis J. Wiebe, Jeremy Holt and Ryan K.Lindsay. Kurtis is the writer for the award winning comics Green Wake and The Intrepids. While Jeremy and Ryan haven't enjoyed the same success at Kurtis yet, they have been chosen for this podcast because they are clearly on the cusp and have their fingers in several pies. Jeremy writes for Joy Hog and Ryan CBR among others. On a side note does anyone else think Jeremy Holt sounds like Walt Flanagan?

As a non comic lover I was worried it'd be all talk of characters I don't know and issues I've never read. I was pleasantly surprised that The Process does exactly what it says on the box. It talks about a variety of topics, like what they listen too when writing, what works they have in the pipeline and some of the great work that is currently out there. So in a word, the process of writing.

I enjoyed the first episode as a get to know you exercise but I really dug the more planned out format that has different sections in episode 2. These are those sections!

Wow Factor – Interesting look at current comic moments of the week/month.

Progress Report – This would be one of my favourite sections where the boys chat about the current victories their having and where their work is at. I'm looking forward to hearing as each one progresses through the production process. Ryan's story about a dude who wants to penetrate a building needs to be heard.

Grill ‘Em! – This is where audience participation is invited. Anyone can post a question on Facebook or twitter. This week’s question from Danial Carroll was about the pro and cons of using real-world locales.

The Process – This looks at the creative development of each of their projects - this week looking at the effect of music and what they listen to and why during the writing process.

The Roundtable – An open talk about a random comic related topics, this week an interesting look at Kurtis' artwork vs writing using a behind the scenes example from Green Wake #1.

Wrap it – Here Ryan Lindsay closes out the show with a quote that manages to take 3 minutes after he adds his little spin on it.

Can't wait for Episode 3.

Until then hail to Cryptological Zoos!


  1. You make it sound like I dirge the quote out for 3 minutes. That doesn't sound like good listening times at all... :)

    Thanks for tuning in, bro. It's appreciated.

  2. Ha sorry bro, yeah probably doesn't make it sound like a good experience for the ears!! It is!

    When does Episode 3 hit the shelves?

  3. We should go live around gthe end of the week, maybe start of next week. Not long at all.