Monday, August 22, 2011

North Melbourne Kangaroos - The Run Home (The Final 2 Rounds)

When looking at a run home situation you should focus what you/the team can do to get themselves into a position to play finals.

Well the Kangaroos have screwed themselves into a position where they need 'help' from results including three other teams. St Kilda Essendon and Sydney. Too many 'close' finishes mean we rely on a little help from the result fairy.

Currently North Melbourne sit 9th on the ladder but must move up to at least 8th if they want to play more than just 2 more games.

6th St Kilda 42 pts
7th Sydney  42 pts
8th Essendon 42 pts
9th North Melbourne 36 pts

This puts the Kangaroos 1 win and a half a game or a draw behind the next three teams.

St Kilda play the Kangaroos and Carlton. With 1 possible win.
Sydney play Geelong and Brisbane with 1 likely win
Essendon play Port Adelaide and Bye with 1 probable win.
North Melbourne play St Kilda and Richmond with 1 likely win.

So....  If the Kangaroos win only the 1 game (against the Tigers) they need either a Sydney loss to Brisbane (Unlikely)

But... If the Kangaroos win 2/both of their remaining games they will leapfrog Essendon into 8th place if they lose to Port Adelaide and could move even further up the ladder with a Sydney loss to Brisbane (unlikely) and St Kilda loss to Carlton (probable). If all of that happens the Roos would move into 6th spot and a home final.

So does that clear it up? North need to win this Saturday Night against St Kilda and half of the battle has been won. Another performance like they exhibited against the Dockers last Saturday and they'll be a great chance to win.

Until then hail to the runs!

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