Friday, August 12, 2011

New York Giants - PREVIEW - Running Backs

Maybe I should have held off on my Wide Receiver list with the shock departure of New York Giant reception record holder, Steve Smith to division rival Philadelphia Eagles.

Well the top 2 running backs in Ahmad Bradshaw and Brandon Jacobs have re-signed so I feel confident in this preview.

The Giants have always been a bruising team on both sides of the line. The last few years have been no exception. Bradshaw and Jacobs have their own little Thunder and Lightning show. Jacobs is a large 6 foot 4 and 264 pounds with Bradshaw at 5-10 & 214.

The 2 pronged attack rushed for over 2000 yards between them and scored 17 touchdowns between them.

In the NFL the respective backs ranked:

Total Yards: AB 9th, BJ 22nd
Avg per rush: BJ 2nd(in rushers over the 800 yard mark)
Touchdowns: BJ 9th
Longest run from scrimmage: BJ 7th
20+ yd runs: AB 2nd, BJ 6th
40+ yd runs: AB 7th
1st Downs: AB 7th
Fumbles:AB 2nd (unfortunately)

Having 2 quality running back is invaluable in the NFL as not only a back up for the inevitable injury but also one of the running backs wears the defence down and the 2nd one can come on fresh and hopefully finish off the game strong. Also the differences compliment each other and allow the coached to pick any running play for any circumstances know 1 of the 2 will be best suited to the task.

I'm predicting a similar output for the pair as the O-line has been reshuffled but the wide-receivers will help open up the defence. If Ahmad can solve his fumbling problems we may even see our second ever pair of 1000+ yard rushers.

Running Back Rating: B+

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