Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Boston Red Sox - Run to finals

There are only 28 games out of the 162 left and it seems my favourite Fenway fighters are headed for the play-offs.

The Boston Red Sox lost to arch rival New York Yankees today (although they had more hits??) but still sit atop the American League table with a half game lead over the aforementioned Yankees, with the 2nd best record in the whole Major League behind the Philadelphia Phillies. Although the BoSox only have a tenuous half game lead over the Yankees they would be a record capitulation as they have a 10 game lead for the wildcard spot.

The Red Sox will get a real fell for how they are travelling over the next 2 games against the Yankees. If the Yankees win all 3 the Sox will need to win at least 2 of the 3game series against the Yankees in late September for fear of giving them a mental edge. Those 5 decisions could also be the difference on who wins the AL and who slides into the wildcard spot.

The Yankees are perennial play-off attenders and have won an astounding 27 World Series' (next closest is St Louis Cardinals - 10) and a just as impressive 40 League Pennants. The Red Sox sit in 4th spot with 7 World Series wins at a fantastic conversion rate from 12 AL Pennants.

It a great shame the Yankees and Sox aren't able to play-off for the World Series but I guess there wouldn't be such a rivalry if they weren't in the same League/Division.

Should be an interesting month to see who rounds out the teams destined to play in October!

Until then hail to the Stockings!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

New York Giants - PRESEASON - New York Jets

It's just a preseason game so I won't go too far but just look at the overall picture.

Jets won 17 -3

So the Giants didn't get in the endzone. 3 measly points.

Even though they had more net yards - 327 - 233
more first downs 21 - 15
more passing yards 222 - 121
more time of possession 30:04 - 29:56 (You knew I'd hit you with some stats!)

It was the 2 turnovers (interceptions) that cost the offense their chances as well as poor 3rd down conversion 3/13 23%. I know it's pre-season but I really hope Eli Manning can shake the interception shackles that have hampered him of late.

Brandon Jacobs was running downhill for his 10 rushes with 51 yards at a healthy 5.1avg.
Hakeem Nicks impressed with limited rep pulling in 5 catches for 71 yards.
The punting job is up for grabs and both Matt Dodge and Sean Weatherford failed to impress with 2 punts each.

Eli Manning threw for 200 yards and showed he is likely to hit the 4000 mark again. Unfortunately he will probably also hit the 20+ interception mark.

What most impressed me was the goal line stand by the defence. The Jets were 1st and 1 at the 1 but had to settle for a field goal after successive runs netted negative yardage.

Next week it the final tune up against the Patriots then we hit prime time.

Until then hail to the goal line stand!

Dad again - Countdown begins!

There is less than 48 hours to go until my gorgeous wife gives me the greatest gift in life, for a second time. A baby *****.

I have been blessed with an amazing son - Benjamin. Who has brought me so much happiness it's hard to imagine I'm about to meet another human being in less than 2 days who will do the same.

I have marvelled at the development of Ben and as we move into the vocal, taking control of his life (or so he thinks!) part we are going to reembark on the sleepless nights (sic) and 3 hourly feeds and 2 hourly poops.

As long as bub and wife are healthy come Thursday afternoon I'll be the happiest man alive.

Another point of interest will be how Ben handles having another person around taking up all our time.

Until then hail to stinkbrown!

North Melbourne Kangaroos - Round 23 Review


Here was the lay of the land pre kick off. If the boys from Arden Street could beat the Saints and then beat the Tigers in a probable win they would be playing finals.

Round 23 - Vs St Kilda Saints @Etihad

St Kilda Saints 4.4 9.9 15.16 19.21 135
North Melbourne Kangaroos 2.5 7.7 9.7 10.10 70

The 1st quarter started with North getting all the inside 50's for little return and the Saints scoring on a couple of horrendous turnovers and using the wide open spaces for easy goals. 2 goals 5 for the quarter was always going to hurt the Royal Blue who need to punish the Saints early and keep it up. Well a semi-inspired spurt to start the second quarter was premature as the team went flaccid and let the Saints score the bulk of the goals for the remainder of the match. Nick Reiwoldt and Stephen 'tiprat' Milne combined for 9 goals as the forward entry for the Roos reminded me of my fumbling advances in my high school days that inevitably ended in rejection. This time the rejections were by the defence not cute girls not interested in a pimply faced dork. Todd Goldstein finished with 33 hitouts to finish #3 on the all-time hit out list with 1 week to go. He needs a gettable 27 to finish the year 2nd overall.
Andrew Swallow has his 2nd consecutive 30+ possie game finishing with 34, 9 marks and 9 tackles to be the best in Blue. Jack Ziebell continued his impressive end to the season with 28 possies, 19 kicks, 7 marks, 4 tackles and 4 inside 50's. Scott Thompson also continued his rich vein of form with 26 possies out of defence. There is little more to say about yet another blown opportunity on the big stage. Here's hoping the Roos finish of the season next week against the Tiger with a promising performance that can lead into a strong pre-season.
Roo Rating: 2 / 10
Daniel Wells
Wells was in and out of the game and when it was there to be won he was amongst the rest with an insipid performance. He racked up an average 18 possessions, 4 tackles, 5 inside 50's and a nice long range goal. Any chance of All-Australian selection has gone in the same direction as his teams prospects. Out of contention. Let's hope another uninterrupted pre-season can see Wells play his best year to date in 2012.
Wells Rating: 5 / 10
Until then hail to David's brother!

North Melbourne Kangaroos - Todd Goldstein #3 All-Time Ruck list

Although North crashed to their most disappointing loss this year to St Kilda Todd Goldstein remained remained on track to finish the year 2nd overall in the all-time hit out hit list. He won his position in my opinion getting 33 hit outs to Ben McEvoy's 20 and 4 possessions less. Todd needs 27 hit outs next week against Richmond to finish the year trailing only Gary Dempsey's mammoth effort of 878 and sit in 2nd spot.

In round 5 this year against Richmond Goldstein accrued 31 hit outs and 9 tackles opposed to Angus Graham so a replication or thereabouts will see achieve 2nd.

Home and away hit-out tallies

878 - Gary Dempsey - 1982 (North Melbourne)
738 - Gary Dempsey - 1983 (North Melbourne)
712 - Todd Goldstein - 2011 (North Melbourne)* (20 games)
711 - Mark Lee - 1984 (Richmond)
703 - Simon Madden - 1983 (Essendon)
688 - Gary Dempsey - 1981 (North Melbourne)
686 - Aaron Sandilands - 2010 (Fremantle)
682 - Darren Jolly - 2009 (Sydney)
659 - Aaron Sandilands - 2009 (Fremantle)
649 - Mark Lee - 1983 (Richmond)
646 - Aaron Sandilands - 2008 (Fremantle)
643 - Mark Jamar - 2010 (Melbourne)
628 - Peter Everitt - 2004 (Hawthorn)
623 - Rod Blake - 1980 (Geelong)
619 - Justin Madden - 1982 (Essendon)
611 - Mark Lee - 1981 (Richmond)
611 - Simon Madden - 1984 (Essendon)
607 - Matthew Allan - 1999 (Carlton)

Until then hail to the Canonis!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Tight Spot Productions - Short Film

My fledgling production company is certainly in its infancy but I have news to announce.

Tight Spot Productions (TSP) owns the rights to several scripts and co-owns one that had been previously sold to Thunderstorm Productions, a production company based in South Australia. It fell through in pre-production and the producer has since been busy on real film sets such as Clive Owens' 'The Boys are Back' and the newly released Aussie hit 'Red Dog'.

Several of these scripts have been used to approach other companies but only gets the feedback, "It's really good, we like it, however our slate is full for the next 12 months, approach us then if it's still available."

While it's great to get positive feedback the scripts are hitting a wall as most production companies have a stable of creatives including scriptwriters already. So where does this leave me? Well I guess I better get off my ass and do something. So I've been writing more and even have an idea to fund a novel written by a writer for Paper Street Publishing can help self distribute it. And now I can announce that we have developed a short script and begin pre-production in about a months time. Based on the feedback I get through informal test screenings I'll see how we go in the film festival circuit.

The short is tentatively titled 'Crouching thief, Hidden Ninja' and will showcase what TSP is capable of on a shoestring budget.

I'll leave more feedback as we near principle photography.

Until then hail to the Tight Spot!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Ben Affleck's Top 5 Acting Performances

I've been a pretty big fan of Affleck since the Chasing Amy, Good Will Hunting days and have been delighted in his phoenix like rising from the ashes to direct such gems as Gone Baby Gone and The Town.

An underrated talent that has proven his chops with an Acadamy award winning script and award winning directing efforts. Ben hits the high of highs with his self penned (with buddy Matt Damon) script Good Will Hunting and his performance in said movie as eponymous Will's buddy Chuck. With it can a slew of quality movies such as Armageddon, Dogma, Pearl Harbour, Shakespeare in Love and The Sum of All Fears. It was in the early 00's that Ben's career appeared to hit the skids. He was more known for being spotted playing poker, drinking and making crappy movies like the legendary Gili with former girlfriend Jennifer Lopez. It was during the 'Bennifer' year that his status as leading man started to slide.

In 2003 he hooked up with Jennifer Garner and eventually married her. This sensible influence in his life must have had a positive role to play in Ben making sounder role choices starting with Hollywoodland in 2006 and his directorial debut of Gone Baby Gone in 2007 and follow up The Town in 2010. He is currently in pre-production for Argo due for release in 2012.

So I figured Affleck's career as an actor would be a good one to have a look at, and it's been an intriguing one. There are some quality action flick far and hidden little unknown gems like Dean Koontz's Phantoms. I'm going to pick the top 5 performance that I rate and go some way to explaining why.


Jersey Girl

This is a much maligned Kevin Smith and didn't find it's audience. Kevin Smith has a cult following and they will see (not necessarily like!) everything he does. They love him for the witty swear riddled dialogue and this movie is not really for that sort of audience. Non- Smith fans like my wife will abstain from seeing his movies at all cost and will judge it before it made. It's a movie that could have performed really well and an interesting study would have been to have Smith direct under a pseudonym find it's audience then go ta-da suckers it me Smith and you liked it!

Anyway it's Affleck we're here for and it's Affleck we'll get. His character Ollie Trinke is left with a baby girl after his wife (ironically J-Lo) dies during childbirth. During the stress of raising a kid alone he loses his job in the music industry and even ostracises himself from it. He goes back to live with his father, the underrated George Carlin and eventually finds his feet as well as the gorgeous Liv Tyler. Ben carries this film and although is surrounded by a strong cast hits his marks and is the reason I like this film. Haven't seen it already because you don't like K. Smith - See it!


The Town

Affleck's directing is top notch here and his acting isn't too far behind. This is a solid job performed by a pro.



Here Ben plays George Reeves who played Superman and was mysteriously murdered. Affleck more than holds him own in a beautifully made movie.


Good Will Hunting

Ben acts in the role he and buddy Matt Damon won an academy award for writing. Matt took the eponymous role of Will and Ben was given the less flashy but just as important role of best bud Chuck. Chuck understands Will has a gift and is one of the positive forces encouraging him to use it. Ben is obviously very comfortable with the material and plays it pitch perfect. He even a couple of monologues he knocks out of the park.


Chasing Amy

This is one of my all-time favourite movies and Ben is half of the reason. Jason Lee is the other half. Ok the script also has a huge role to play but Ben has Holden McNeil ticks all of the boxes. Cocky comic book guy, seducer of Joey Lauren Adams' lesbian and jealous boyfriend. He's relaxed and believable the whole time and makes his likable in a way many of actors would have been unable to do.

So far Ben's had a pretty solid acting career and I'm hoping that as he nears 40 it can continue to grow as different types of roles are offered to him.

Honourable mentions:

Phantoms - He was the bomb!
Clerks 2 (Kidding)
Reindeer Games

Until then hail to Fenway!

New York Giants - PREVIEW - Cornerbacks

I figured I'd go with the most talked about position for the G-Men ATM. Unfortunately it's for the wrong reasons, injury.

So far during training 3 have gone down with season ending injuries and another 1st round pick Prince Amukamara for 6 weeks with a broken foot.

Brian Witherspoon a 3rd year pro was impressing until a torn knee ligament prematurely ending his season.

Terrell Thomas a starting corner who was looking to have a breakout year also torn his ACL during the rout of the Chicago Bears on Monday - season over!

Bruce Johnson tore his Achilles tendon and Woodny Turenne was waived after hurting his calf.

With only 5 healthy CB's on the roster the Giants Brian Williams a 128 veteran with 99 starts with the Minnesota Viking, Jacksonville Jaguars and Atlanta Falcons. The 4th round pick out of North Carolina State is a proven playmaker recording a career best 5 interceptions and 63 tackles in 2003 for the Vikings. While he is being signed as a back up his durability will be an asset to a position notorious for knee injuries.

The other healthy CB's are Corey Webster, Aaron Ross (who will claim the right CB position), Michael Coe, Joe Burnett and Darnell Burks.

Webster and Ross will need to stay healthy in a division consisting of quarterbacks Michael Vick and Tony Romo for fear of the secondary being renamed 'toast'. Webster ironically was thrown into the starting spot through injury during the 2007 post-season run to the playoffs and played a staring role including 2 clutch interceptions in the play off win over Tampa Bay.

Michael Coe is leading the Giants in tackles (10) after 2 preseason games, probably due to the playing time of 1st and 2nd stringers and will need to keep improving if they don't want to be exposed in the nickle and dime packages.

For the secondary to find it's groove it needs to start the season well and build confidence. 300+ yard 4 touchdown games may be enough for cracks to appear and a charge at the Superbowl to be a distant thought.

"Injuries may be forgiven, but not forgotten" Aesop
     “Reject your sense of injury and the injury itself disappears.” Marcus Aurelius

Until then hail to the Ligamentum!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

North Melbourne Kangaroos - Must Win Saturday Night Game!

With 2 weeks to go North Melbourne sit 6 points out of the 8. That is 1 and a half (draw) wins for those of you who aren't used to the simple scoring systems of the Australian Football League. A win is worth 4 points, a draw is 2 points, a goal is 6 points on the scoreboard and a behind is 1 point. Yes that's right if you miss the target but are pretty close you get rewarded.

Well now that you've caught up, the Kangaroos need to win both of their last 2 games to be a chance to play finals. Their first opportunity comes this Saturday against St Kilda. This will be their biggest challenge then they finish off the regular season against Richmond which should (sic) be an easier offering. Like a virgin (which I'm assuming Jack Riewoldt is!) sacrificed into the volcano (which is Eddie McGuire).

North Melbourne accounted well for themselves in their last meeting in round 15 falling just 9 points short after kicking 1 goal 4 in the last quarter and keeping the Saints scoreless. The Roos have been a much more successful playing an up tempo game since then culminating in the 98 point drilling of the Fremantle Dockers last Saturday night. What most bouys me most (apart from my unusually high fat %) is the fact it was such a team game. 10 players had 20+ possessions, another 8 had 15 -19 and every player registered 10 or more apart from Jack Ziebell who received a bruised lung early (he still tried to play for almost a quarter before coming off, what a hard man he is. At 20 give him 2 pre-seasons and the AFL will have to introduce a new Ziebell rule for his crunching tackle sand shirt fronts). Another promising sign was the debut of Aaron Mullett who looked at home with 17 possies, 3 tackles and 4 inside 50's. He was also cleaned up and jumped to feet adding to the strong mind strong bodies of the new age Roos. Former All-Australian Hamish McIntosh has also recovered from Achilles issues to push for selection. Brad Scott will never drop AA contender Todd Goldstein so will he play 2 feature ruckmen who can go forward and kick goals?

Where the game will be won:

Total Disposals: 11th in the AFL - Dal Santo (StK), 14 - Swallow (NMFC)
Goals: 6 - Milne (StK), 11 - Petrie (NMFC), 18 - Edwards (NMFC)
Tackles: 7 - Jones (StK), 9 - Swallow (NMFC)
Hit Outs: 1 - Goldstein (NMFC), 7 - McEvoy (StK)
Inside 50's: 11 - Wells (NMFC), 14 - Swallow (NMFC)
Total score for: 1932 - NMFC, 1670 - StK
Total score against: 1541 - StK, 1856 - NMFC

Most does it mean? Both teams are about average in total disposals and tackles. North kick a lot of their goals with their 3 tall forwards, Petrie (42 goals), Edwards (32) and super mature aged rookie of the year Cameron Pederson (17 from 13 games) (who since solidifying his position in the team has kicked at least a goal 8 of the last 9 weeks, the one week off being the slapping by Collingwood where the team kicked only 3 goals total.) and evergreen Brent Harvey's 29. Whereas St Kilda have dangerous small forward/serial pest Stephen Milne (48 goals) with Nick Riewoldt kicking 30 and Adam Schneider (another small forward) kicking 23.

Goldstein should have the advantage over St Kilda's Ben McEvoy in the ruck and if he gives the Roos midfield first use of the ball they need to spread and run up a score. North have scored 250 more points and St Kilda have been winning by keeping the score down. So North are more likely to win a high (100+) scoring game where the Saints will win if they keep the score down.

Both teams matched up pretty well earlier in the year so this is likely to be an intriguing clash for the non-involved spectator and a real white knuckle encounter for us Roos and Saints supporters.

Until then hail to the high hat!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

New York Giants - PRESEASON - Chicago Bears

I'm writing this as the game progresses.

To give you some perspective I'm very competitive person, if I'm playing a friendly game of tiddly winks I still like to win. I'm not a bad loser (or at least I don't think so) but I still like to do my best. It's the same for my sporting teams. Particularly the North Melbourne Kangaroos and New York Giants. I don't care if it's a pre-season game or the last game of the season and they are in no chance of making the play offs/finals. I still like the team to win and I'm a stats man from way back so I like people like Eli Manning to have 80%+ comp no INTS and tonnes of yards and TD's.

So when I see the Bears march down the field in 2 long plays I get annoyed. Can't help it!

Well I had to take a class and come back and what do I see. Butt hurt Bears baby! 41 - 13 hahaha I know I know, it's only pre-season and the 1st stringers don't play much but I still like a win!!!

It was great to see no injuries, an improved special teams and a couple of big plays. All in all a satisfying win to keep me quenched until the real deal rolls along.

EDIT: Damn Cornerback Terrell Thomas has done his ACL!!!!!

Until then hail to the Cruz control!

Monday, August 22, 2011

North Melbourne Kangaroos - The Run Home (The Final 2 Rounds)

When looking at a run home situation you should focus what you/the team can do to get themselves into a position to play finals.

Well the Kangaroos have screwed themselves into a position where they need 'help' from results including three other teams. St Kilda Essendon and Sydney. Too many 'close' finishes mean we rely on a little help from the result fairy.

Currently North Melbourne sit 9th on the ladder but must move up to at least 8th if they want to play more than just 2 more games.

6th St Kilda 42 pts
7th Sydney  42 pts
8th Essendon 42 pts
9th North Melbourne 36 pts

This puts the Kangaroos 1 win and a half a game or a draw behind the next three teams.

St Kilda play the Kangaroos and Carlton. With 1 possible win.
Sydney play Geelong and Brisbane with 1 likely win
Essendon play Port Adelaide and Bye with 1 probable win.
North Melbourne play St Kilda and Richmond with 1 likely win.

So....  If the Kangaroos win only the 1 game (against the Tigers) they need either a Sydney loss to Brisbane (Unlikely)

But... If the Kangaroos win 2/both of their remaining games they will leapfrog Essendon into 8th place if they lose to Port Adelaide and could move even further up the ladder with a Sydney loss to Brisbane (unlikely) and St Kilda loss to Carlton (probable). If all of that happens the Roos would move into 6th spot and a home final.

So does that clear it up? North need to win this Saturday Night against St Kilda and half of the battle has been won. Another performance like they exhibited against the Dockers last Saturday and they'll be a great chance to win.

Until then hail to the runs!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

North Melbourne Kangaroos - Todd Goldstein - Hit Out Record

Last night Todd Goldstein single handedly battled against twin towers Aaron Sandilands and Zac Clarke. Although the towers got their share of hit outs Goldstein still managed 20 of his own to go alone with 16 possessions and 2 goals.

While his 20 hit outs didn't move him up all-time hit out list, it has him right behind the next 3. Next week against St Kilda Goldstein needs 10 more to jump from 8th spot to 5th an 24 to make 4th spot. Considering last time Goldstein played the Saints he amassed an extremely healthy 47 hit outs and constricted #1 ruckman Ben McEvoy to 25. Either way barring an injury or suspension Goldstein is highly likely to reached the top 3 position after the final 2 regular season games have been played out.

Home and away hit-out tallies

878 - Gary Dempsey - 1982 (North Melbourne)
738 - Gary Dempsey - 1983 (North Melbourne)
711 - Mark Lee - 1984 (Richmond)
703 - Simon Madden - 1983 (Essendon)
688 - Gary Dempsey - 1981 (North Melbourne)
686 - Aaron Sandilands - 2010 (Fremantle)
682 - Darren Jolly - 2009 (Sydney)
679 - Todd Goldstein - 2011 (North Melbourne)* (19 games)
659 - Aaron Sandilands - 2009 (Fremantle)
649 - Mark Lee - 1983 (Richmond)
646 - Aaron Sandilands - 2008 (Fremantle)
643 - Mark Jamar - 2010 (Melbourne)
628 - Peter Everitt - 2004 (Hawthorn)
623 - Rod Blake - 1980 (Geelong)
619 - Justin Madden - 1982 (Essendon)
611 - Mark Lee - 1981 (Richmond)
611 - Simon Madden - 1984 (Essendon)
607 - Matthew Allan - 1999 (Carlton)

Until then hail to the palm down!

North Melbourne Kangaroos - Round 22 Review

Round 22 @ Etihad Stadium vs Fremantle Dockers

North Melbourne Kangaroos 6.1 10.7 16.10 21.17 143

Fremantle Dockers 3.1 3.4 5.7 6.9 45

With both teams sitting in 9th and 10 spot with a slim chance of slipping into the top 8 this is literally a make or break game. Loser = out and the winner can keep their marginal hopes alive. Sure the Dockers have had their share of injuries and more but they came into this game as full strength as they have all year including skipper Pavlich and perennial All-Australian ruckman Aaron Sandilands. This was always going to be a good challenge for the young and hungry Roos as they had battled valiantly bust lost their previous two games against top 4 teams.
Fremantle scored the opening goal in the first 45 seconds but the Roos didn't shirk winning the first quarter with 6 goals to 3. Andrew Swallow was getting lots of it including important contested stuff. Cam Pederson chipped in with 2 important goals while Petrie was having a quiet one.
In the second quarter what became apparent was the stiffling defence and the midfield making it hard to Fremantle to get any quality inside 50's. Scott 'Hunter' Thompson and Michael 'Spud' Firrito were particularly stingy! The Roos won the quarter kicking 4 goal to none and opened up the margin like a pinata.
This is where I was worried the Roos would take their foot off the throttle and either win by a slim margin or heaven forbid lose. Instead they stepped on toes and necks winning the quarter 6 goals to 2 and putting the result out of reach.
The Roos kicked 5 goals 7 to 1 and if not for slight inaccuracy in front of goal would have won by 100+ points instead having to settle for a 98 point victory.
What was most interesting was the absence of Drew Petrie on the score sheet and the evenness of the contributors across the ground. Andrew Swallow was best a field with 30 possessions including 16 contested, 7 inside 50's and 7 tackles. Aaron Edwards and Cam Pederson finished with 3 goals a piece and Todd Goldstein battle 2 200+cm giants alone and finished with 20 hit outs, 16 possessions, 4 inside 50's and 2 goals. 10 players registered 20+ possession games on the way to achieving the greatest winning margin for the Kangaroos since 2003.
Stats of interest: The Kangaroos scored 10 goals from marks and 10 from general play. Fremantle were 4 and 1. Fremantle also fielded more than player with 100 or more games under their belt. 7 to 5. It must also be noted that match winner Matthew Pavlich left the game for the Dolce and Cabbana red vest which did not help the Dockers. However one of our most important midfielders for the last 2 months Jack Ziebell was hurt in a heavy collision very early in the game and left also before being able to even register 1 possession. Not a straight swap but please don't use injury to argue a 98 point pounding.
Roo Rating: 9 1/2 / 10
Daniel Wells
Daniel did have some quiet patches but stood up when it counted finishing with 25 possies, 2 goals and a stunning 10 inside 50's. A far cry from Wellsey's best but after a couple of quiet weeks this is what he needed to remind All-Australian selectors he can play.
Wells Rating: 8 / 10
St Kilda are playing Sydney as I type this and 'we' play St Kilda next Saturday Night. These 2 games are crucial for the Kangaroos to get a sniff at the panties of the voluptuous siren I call Mistress Finals.
Until then hail to the Purple People Eater!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Podcast Smodcast - What I'm Listening to!

I have finally thrown off the shackles of having a 32kb download limit and moved all the way up to a 4GIG one. Yes I know this ain't great but it does allow me to get back to my Smodcast ways and so much more. Since I've been gone Smodcast has grown up. There's a whole new community for Smods and my brother who is now a part of a writers podcast on iTunes (I couldn't be prouder). Anyway here is a smattering of the gear that has been passing through my generation II ipod.


Nothings changed here, and that's not a bad thing. Kevin Smith and Uber Producer Scott Mosier shoot the breeze over any topic and usually in a humorous way. I'd love to just sit down and see where our conversation went!


This was recommended by Stinkbrown and I cut my teeth on the very enjoyable 43rd instalment reading of Cacophony (A Batman comic written by Kevin Smith). Smith is his usual self but he is accompanied by man with many voices Ralph Garman. They have a look at what is happening in Hollywood as well as sharing their own stories.


This is a masterclass of the up coming Kevin Smith horror movie Red State. I knew this was out there but with my insipid download limit was unable to access it. Well 'm catching up baby!! As an aspiring filmmaker this is awesome. Smith with lead a discussion with a member of the movie. This has included the A.D. (Assistant Director), the casting lady/actor and one of the stars of the show so far. I am very intrigued by the whole process and it's delivered in an entertaining way too. As will all things Smod those who are offended by bad language be warned! It's just a shame there are only  casts. Very much looking out for this movie on it's release in Australia.


I was aways going to listen to this. At least the first few. It revolve around 3 writer on the verge of making it big in the comic industry. Lead vocal Kurtis J. Wiebe already has some award winning comics out there and Jeremy Holt and Ryan K. Lindsay have a few projects in the fire also. They discuss their process and look at other work out there. It's interesting, informative and a well produced cast. Very enjoyable for any writer who is interested in hearing the thoughts and opinions of people who know what they are talking about!

These have kept me pretty busy so far but I'm sure I can unearth some more hidden gold dust in my travels.

Until then have a week!