Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Potential Vs Reality.

Upon seeing the results of the National Draft in the AFL last week I thought back to that well used joke that has a father getting his son to ask family members questions. The punchline was "Potentially we have a million dollars however in Reality we have......."

I smiled to myself when all of these prospective young guns were called The next (Ablett, Lockett, Buckley, Lindsay) First of all we should take into account these kids were generally born in 1993!!!!! Let that soak in like a fine liqueur into a spongecake and take these kids as potential quality players of the AFL. No one is going to be the next Wayne Carey!!! And trying to emulate him is only to take from your focus as playing a cog in the team's machine.

Although I must admit I do get sucked a little and wonder what our 1st draft recruit Ben (great name!) Cunnington (I hope I don't get too excited during a game and mispronounce that!!) is capable of and which youngsters are capable of stepping up straight away and producing. Another Jack Zeibell or Liam Anthony would definitely easy the blow of losing a Adam Simpson and another inevitable lacklustre season from Daniel Wells.

I will not guarantee anything especially at this time of year but the potential of the mighty Kangaroos is exciting and I am really looking forward to a cracker season next year!!!! We are jam packed with younger players and my honest opinion is that we should be looking at a Grand Final berth in the next 4 years.

I might blog about the New York Giants soon but frankly there hasn't been much to talk about. A solid start to the season (5-0) and a sputter in the middle (1-5). Lets hope the final 5 games will provide some relief!!!!! Although the prospect of Steve Smith cracking 90 receptions would be sweet!!!!! He should have 1000 yards in the next 2 games!!

Until then hail to the Shinboners!