Monday, March 28, 2011

The Coen Brothers Movie List

I mentioned on the previous Movie List (Tarantino) that I had completed my Coen Bros list and put it on StinkBrown as a comment. Well I've been badgered and begged to put it up here, so here it is.

1. The Big Lebowski (Such a great blend of script/acting/directing. My all-time favourite movie!!)

2. Miller’s Crossing (This is an absolute classic of the genre and could easily be #1 here)

3. No Country for Old Men (The Coen's admit they pretty much shot the book but I believe in less capable hands this could have been average)

4. O Brother Where Art Thou? (Such a clever script, love the dialogue)

5. Blood Simple (A gem of a 1st entry)

6. Fargo (Won oscar for a reason, would probably have it equal 5th)

7. The Man Who Wasn’t There (Gets better after each viewing)

8. Intolerable Cruelty (Some very funny one-liners, I'm gonna nail yo ass!!)

9. Raising Arizona (Some good moments but didn't grab me)

10. The Hudsucker Proxy (Same as #9)

11. Burn After Reading (Same as #10

12. A Serious Man (Only seen it once and admit it's too clever for me, may jump up upon further viewings)

13. Barton Fink (Again some good moments but not one of my favs)

14. Crimewave (Not horrible)

15. The Ladykillers (Average at best :-(

(NA). True Grit (Haven’t seen it yet!!)

The Coen films for me fall into tiers.

1st Tier:    #1 and #2 MASTERPIECE
2nd Tier:  #3 to #7 FANTASIC
3rd Tier: #8 to #12 GOOD SOLID
4th Tier: #13 to #15 AVERAGE

Feel free to have a go yourself and also pass judgement on my list.

Until then hail to the peda familia!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Quentin Tarantino Movie List

My brothers and I often discuss movie lists of our favourite director/actor/genre/writer etc. So I thought I would blog one of my own after viewing my erudite brothers' version of The Coen Brothers on Stinkbrown. I put my list on all things Coen after his post so thought is would be lazy to just regurgitate it here.

So I thought I'd have a go at Tarantinos!

Well I've had a go and changed the list more times than Andy Dick's vibrator. My criteria is my favourite (A mix of rewatchability and domination of the genre) movie.

Here we go:

1. Pulp Fiction (it's cult for a reason**)
2. Kill Bill vol.1 (yes they are 2 very different movies and this one nails the genre **)
3. True Romance (script only but such a bloody tight one!)
4. From Dusk Till Dawn (script & acting, classic genre and such a fun movie **)
5. Reservoir Dogs (very good but lacking something from great**)
6. Inglorious Basterds (good script with a knockout performance, tried too hard to be QT**)
7. Kill Bill vol.2 (good but suffers from comparisons to vol.1**)
8. Death Proof (car chase alone great, too much girl power**)
9. Jackie Brown (good twisty Elmore adaptation)
10. Natural Born Killers (good concept/poor execution)
11. Four Rooms - QT segment only (okay punchy little short only)

** Killer Soundtrack

I could be persuaded to flip a couple but top 5's are all top 5's

I've shown you mine, now bare yours!!!

Until then hail to the two African fellows!