Saturday, August 20, 2011

Podcast Smodcast - What I'm Listening to!

I have finally thrown off the shackles of having a 32kb download limit and moved all the way up to a 4GIG one. Yes I know this ain't great but it does allow me to get back to my Smodcast ways and so much more. Since I've been gone Smodcast has grown up. There's a whole new community for Smods and my brother who is now a part of a writers podcast on iTunes (I couldn't be prouder). Anyway here is a smattering of the gear that has been passing through my generation II ipod.


Nothings changed here, and that's not a bad thing. Kevin Smith and Uber Producer Scott Mosier shoot the breeze over any topic and usually in a humorous way. I'd love to just sit down and see where our conversation went!


This was recommended by Stinkbrown and I cut my teeth on the very enjoyable 43rd instalment reading of Cacophony (A Batman comic written by Kevin Smith). Smith is his usual self but he is accompanied by man with many voices Ralph Garman. They have a look at what is happening in Hollywood as well as sharing their own stories.


This is a masterclass of the up coming Kevin Smith horror movie Red State. I knew this was out there but with my insipid download limit was unable to access it. Well 'm catching up baby!! As an aspiring filmmaker this is awesome. Smith with lead a discussion with a member of the movie. This has included the A.D. (Assistant Director), the casting lady/actor and one of the stars of the show so far. I am very intrigued by the whole process and it's delivered in an entertaining way too. As will all things Smod those who are offended by bad language be warned! It's just a shame there are only  casts. Very much looking out for this movie on it's release in Australia.


I was aways going to listen to this. At least the first few. It revolve around 3 writer on the verge of making it big in the comic industry. Lead vocal Kurtis J. Wiebe already has some award winning comics out there and Jeremy Holt and Ryan K. Lindsay have a few projects in the fire also. They discuss their process and look at other work out there. It's interesting, informative and a well produced cast. Very enjoyable for any writer who is interested in hearing the thoughts and opinions of people who know what they are talking about!

These have kept me pretty busy so far but I'm sure I can unearth some more hidden gold dust in my travels.

Until then have a week!

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