Tuesday, August 23, 2011

New York Giants - PRESEASON - Chicago Bears

I'm writing this as the game progresses.

To give you some perspective I'm very competitive person, if I'm playing a friendly game of tiddly winks I still like to win. I'm not a bad loser (or at least I don't think so) but I still like to do my best. It's the same for my sporting teams. Particularly the North Melbourne Kangaroos and New York Giants. I don't care if it's a pre-season game or the last game of the season and they are in no chance of making the play offs/finals. I still like the team to win and I'm a stats man from way back so I like people like Eli Manning to have 80%+ comp no INTS and tonnes of yards and TD's.

So when I see the Bears march down the field in 2 long plays I get annoyed. Can't help it!

Well I had to take a class and come back and what do I see. Butt hurt Bears baby! 41 - 13 hahaha I know I know, it's only pre-season and the 1st stringers don't play much but I still like a win!!!

It was great to see no injuries, an improved special teams and a couple of big plays. All in all a satisfying win to keep me quenched until the real deal rolls along.

EDIT: Damn Cornerback Terrell Thomas has done his ACL!!!!!

Until then hail to the Cruz control!


  1. That last picture. Now that's a Manning I could root for!

  2. His new position is tight end apparently? I hope she's a slot receiver!!!