Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Boston Red Sox - Run to finals

There are only 28 games out of the 162 left and it seems my favourite Fenway fighters are headed for the play-offs.

The Boston Red Sox lost to arch rival New York Yankees today (although they had more hits??) but still sit atop the American League table with a half game lead over the aforementioned Yankees, with the 2nd best record in the whole Major League behind the Philadelphia Phillies. Although the BoSox only have a tenuous half game lead over the Yankees they would be a record capitulation as they have a 10 game lead for the wildcard spot.

The Red Sox will get a real fell for how they are travelling over the next 2 games against the Yankees. If the Yankees win all 3 the Sox will need to win at least 2 of the 3game series against the Yankees in late September for fear of giving them a mental edge. Those 5 decisions could also be the difference on who wins the AL and who slides into the wildcard spot.

The Yankees are perennial play-off attenders and have won an astounding 27 World Series' (next closest is St Louis Cardinals - 10) and a just as impressive 40 League Pennants. The Red Sox sit in 4th spot with 7 World Series wins at a fantastic conversion rate from 12 AL Pennants.

It a great shame the Yankees and Sox aren't able to play-off for the World Series but I guess there wouldn't be such a rivalry if they weren't in the same League/Division.

Should be an interesting month to see who rounds out the teams destined to play in October!

Until then hail to the Stockings!


  1. Boston are a great team and will bounce back from the loss overnight. The Yankees are in a purple patch at the momeny having scored 22 runs in one game including 3 grand slam homers in the one game- a first in baseball history. I share you passion for the sox and they have great potential come play off time cc sabathia and big papi all the way.

  2. Hey Anon,

    I agree the Yankees are hitting their straps a little early. Big Papi and the boys will fire come play-offs and the only thing in their way to the World Series is the Yankees.

    1 from 3 against Texas didn't help but I have faith!!

  3. Epic fail!!!!!

    Choke baby choke!!!