Friday, August 19, 2011

My Top 5 James Bond Movies

My stand out favourite James Bond movie was a lock before I need to think about it. The following 4 and their order are not so easy. Their haven't been too many dud Bond movies and a lot of good ones but seperating and ordering the great ones was not an easy task. I've cut it down from 10 to 5 because I found places 6 to 12 were too close to seperate or even order.



There are so many iconic scenes and characters from the 3rd Bond film. Odd Job and his menacing hat and the eponymous baddie Goldfinger and his memorable line to Bond: "I don't expect you to talk Mr Bond. I expect you to DIE!" The iconic Fort Knox was also shot for the first time and was a wonderful backdrop. Not to mention one of the greatest bond girl names on the many; Pussy Galore played by Honor Blackman. Goldfinger was the first to win an Academy Award. Bond's car was probably the most iconic of the series in his Aston Martin DB5, with the requisite gadgets.

Shirley Bassey sung the well received title song 'Goldfinger', and John Barry produced a quality score.


From Russia With Love

The 2nd instalment FRWL is raised into the #4 position by an underrated bad guy in SPECTRE assasin Red Grant played by Robert Shaw and one of the best Bond fights between Connery and Shaw on a moving train.


On Her Majesty's Secret Service

In the 6th instalment Aussie George Lazenby takes the reigns after Connery decides to retire from the role and does a bloody good job. Set on the beautiful white peaks on the swiss alps this Bond delivers in all key Bond areas. A tall, dark and handsome Bond; Lazenby. An iconic villain in Ernst Stavro Blofeld; Telly Savalas. A plethora of bond beauties including Bond's future and only wife Contessa Teresa "Tracy" di Vincenzo; Diana Rigg and a string of exciting set piece action scenes particularly involving skiing and bob sledding. The balls to have Bond marry Tracy then have her shot dead at the end of the movie almost has this at #2. It's also a very faithful adaptation of the brilliant novel by Ian Fleming.


Golden Eye

In Peirce Brosnan's 1st attempt at 007, he makes my 2nd best Bond movie ever. As far as opening scene stunts go their have been many that have reached for and grabbed the stars. Golden Eye's is up the with the best of them. Brosnan is very beleivable at getting the girls but if I had a question mark it would be his ability to kick butt. There are also the usual bad chicks but the most memorable would be Famke Janssen as the sadistic girl with coconut crushing thighs. Judi Dench is also brilliantly cast a 'M' the head of the MI6.

It's also the first of the films NOT to be based on an Ian Fleming novel.


Casino Royale

This is a damn good flick on any list and absolutely ticks every James Bond box. Amazing action opening sequence - tick, tough but ladies man Bond - tick, casinos and cards - tick, beautiful bond girl - tick, gadgets - tick, ruthless bad guys - tick. The movie opening with a visual flurry hitting it's high note with a crane scene involving Parkour. I particularly like that Bond is obvioulsy note as agile and crunches himself pretty good during the chase. The movie also has some beautiful scenary ranging from Montenegro and The Bahamas. Eva Green more than matches Daniel Craig's 007 and is quite stunning in a natural way. Daniel Craig is pitch perfect as a Bond who can kick your butt and get the girl - something not all of the actors can say. Much kudos has to go to a movie that can have a 20 minute poker scene that involves self-defibrilation, a cool cocktail and suspense. It also lifts an awesome torture scene from the book where Bond is sat sans pants into a chair without a seat and he has 'an itch scratched'. Special mention also the stunts in Venice particularly the sinking of a whole building.

It's also has a cool song 'You Know My Name' performed by Chris Cornell of Soundgarden fame and my favourite retro opening credit sequence.

Hourable mentions go to both Timothy Dalton flicks (Licence To Kill and The Living Daylights), Sean Connery's (Dr. No, You Only Live Twice and Thunderball) and Roger Moore's (Live and Let Die and The Man With the Golden Gun)

Interestingly there are no Roger Moore entries in my top 5 but not surprising as he's my least favourite. Sean Connery and Daniel Craig are my favourite Bonds as they epitomise the character's strengths but Dalton and Brosnan were involved in some quality editions.

I'm also very pumped for the currently being filmed James Bond titled 'Red Sky at Night'. This will be Daniel Craig's third and final attempt.

Until then hail to Vesper!


  1. Nah, cant agree on the ordering. Casino royale is good but it benefits from modern film making techniques. I also thought it was 30 min too long. Gold finger is my no.1 followed by her majesties secret service then from Russia with love

  2. That's interesting. I see where you are coming from but that's like saying goldfinger benefited from having Sean Connery. To be honest my top 6 incl. Dr. No took a lot of deliberatation. Thanks for the feedback