Tuesday, August 2, 2011

New York Giants - PREVIEW - Receiving Corp

Well the lockout is over and the National Football League's 2011 season is on!

I'm very pumped and believe the New York Football Giants are in for a good year. To whet my appetite till the season kicks off I'm going to look at some of the strong areas for the Giants and where I see them being at season's end. I'll even come back then and reassess my predictions.

The Giants have always had a strong O-line but it's not glamorous and I'm not going to predict how many pancake blocks or sacks they concede. It's not Hollywood (or should I say Broadway?), so I'm going to stick to the 'sexy' positions. So I guess what I'm saying is that receiving is a sexy position.

2010 wasn't the greatest year for the 3 best wide receivers for Big Blue but that was due to injuries no form. Steve Smith only started 7 games out of 16, Hakeem Nicks 12 and Mario Manningham 8 started 16 played. They were the 3 focal points for QB Eli Manning and helped him reach his 1st 4000+ yardage year. If all 3 can stay on the field for the 16 games along with 3rd round pick Jerrel Jernigan, Tight End Kevin Boss and a running back out of the backfield then another record season is on the cards.

The 3 WR's compliment each other in style, Smith is a fantastic possession receiver, Nicks is big bull who reaches over defenders and Manningham is always dangerous for a 40+ yard reception.

 2010 NYG

I'm predicting that if all 3 receivers can stay fit they'll all catch 80+ receptions and 1000+ yards and 30 touchdowns between them. This would also see QB Eli Manning reaching his 2nd consecutive 4000+ yard season and hopefully 40+ touchdowns. Wishful thinking? Probably. At least they'll have better seasons than the Packers or Bears! I guess I'll just have to wait and see.

Receiver Rating: B+

Until then hail to the Mary!

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