Thursday, April 29, 2010

Boston Baby!!!!

As far as sports go I am my father's son!!!!

He was known to watch table tennis, lawn bowls and even the caber toss! I have watched a little lawn bowls in my time and during my year long sojourn in the UK watched a fair bit of darts. The soccer (football) world cup was on while we were over there and I was totally all over that!!!!!

My number #1 love will always be AFL (Aussie Rules) and my one regret will be that I'm not that good a player (read: not hard enough!).

Number 2 on the list is far behind AFL but also far ahead of the rest is NFL (Gridiron) and the fact that AFL is February to September and NFL is August to early February means I am set all year round!!!! woo hoo!!!! (note: dates may include preseason games!)

But lately I have been really hitting some other US sports particularly NBA (basketball) and MLB (baseball) and the Boston Celtics and Boston Red Sox respectively.

Yes I am a huge New York Giants fan so it seems reasonable that I would pick from the many New York/Jersey teams but none of them stood out to me!!!!!  The Yankees are the dominant bully much like Collingwood and the others are a bit blah for me!!!

So.... I'm a huge Stephen King fan and he always writes Boston particularly the RedSox and for some reason early in the NBA season a Celtics match was on channel One and I found myself rooting for the Celtics to beat the Bulls and then I started following how they were going on and then on the run to the playoffs I was even following the score on the Internet and now I'm hooked!!!!!  Although LeBron James and Cavs will probably knock us (already an us!) out!

So.... when the MLB baseball season started I just started following Boston and have started to get know the players and I'm really enjoying it!!!!! A good 2-0 win over Toronto today!

So it made me think what is my top ten for sport and then I thought is there a difference between watching a sport and playing so I'm in the process putting down two top tens.

So expect a forthcoming top ten of my sporting loves!!!!!

Until then hail from Boston!