Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Top Ten Sports to Watch/Play #3

Top Sport to Watch #3

Basketball - Clyde the Glide

During the early 90's I introduced gridiron to my family and my younger Bro brought basketball to the mix. We followed separate NBL and NBA teams but that only makes it more interesting. We even went to a NBL All-Star game which was awesome including the dunk comp! NBA was Jordan mad so we watched plenty of Sat morning NBA time. High School finished and like alot of my friends we lost contact. Well I now have the HD channels and like an old friend it was fun to catch up and out of no where I fell for the Celtics, and over the last 5 months we have been reacquainted and we(the Celtics) are 1 game away from the finals.

It's also a fast paced (minus the timeouts) exciting, skillful game.

Top Sports to Play #3

Basketball - Trojans Vs Reeconiks

I was unfortunate to have my 3 best friends in high school being very good at sport. Any Sport! So when we were 17 and formed a basketball team I was the weak link and looking back at it I really took it to heart. I'm also only about 5" 10' and was usually the tallest or 2nd tallest in the team so was grossly out of position. That is not an excuse for my bad shooting or turnovers but basketball is number #3 on my list so I obviously enjoy the game.

I am a huge stats man so my trusty younger bro would tag along and keep my stats which couldn't have too hard as I averaged about 4 points a game. However one particular game stands out as we had alot of players who couldn't play so my older brother Marc stepped in and my 13 year old brother played as well. Take into account we were playing 'C' grade mens it is pretty impressive. Unfortunately Ryan's 3 point buzzer beater at the end of the 1st half over shadowed my best scoring game of 15 points.

Until then hail to the tre!

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