Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Top Ten sports to watch and play!!! The Nines

Well I've already changed my top ten selection from Netball to Darts. Well this has shaken my list to it's very core!!

I'm going to forge ahead anyway as I'm interested in the discussion it will generate!!!

Well here are the nines!!!!

Top Ten sports to play - Nine


Yes mixed netball I played in the Charters Towers 'B' Grade premiership team 07. I found that it is an excellent workout and my competitive spirit definitely kicked in!!!  This is again here based on lack of other options.  I did think darts but have never actually played it sober or for sport although I'm a bit of a fan. Any sport you can play with a schooner in your hand is okay by me. However I find I am more into netball and probably a better player.

Top Ten sports to watch - Nine

Ice Hockey - The Great Gretzky

Back in the day my mates and I would play a bit of a Sega MegaDrive and the staple at my place was EA Sports (it's in the game!). haha I still say it when I play Madden 09 on my PC!!!!!  We had most Madden's, a run hungry Joe Montana Sports talk football, NBA and NHL 94 (I think?). I had the first version where you could fight which was a bonus. The early nineties were a time for alot of American sports on TV and amongst the NFL, NBA and MLB we also partook in a little NHL. Not heaps as it's only 9 on the list but enough!!!

So doubters where have I gone wrong?

Until then it's in the game!

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