Friday, May 21, 2010

Top Ten Sports to Watch/Play #6 and #5

Well here are my #6

Sports to Watch

Tennis - Grand Slams only!!!!

To be honest patriotism comes into it more than watching good players!!!  Federer is an awesome player and seemingly a nice guy but I've never rooted for him. I will be interested in a grand slam if an Aussie is playing otherwise not really at all.  Having said that if an Aussie is in a final I will stay up all night and really enjoy the spectacle.

Sports to Play

Cricket - 2 wickets for 4 runs off 4 overs.

I never played as a kid and this year I partook in the famous Charters Towers Ashes and played 3 games. If I was any good at cricket I'd have it in my top 3 or 4. But I am dodgier than a prawn left in the sun. In 3 games I made 3, 1 and an 8. Not good at all. Admittedly after each ball I grabbed my stubbie from behind the wickets and had a good old swig. Gloves weren't a problem as I didn't wear any. I did however enjoy my 8 by hitting a cracking cut shot for 4 but then the rain started and by the ball that took my wicket hit the pitch about 2 metres in front of me and rolled into my stumps. Yes I know excuses but I reckon I had a few more runs in me. As for bowling, I was a little better but that wasn't hard. Game 1 -  I took 2 for 4 and ran someone out from just inside the boundary.  Game 2 - 2 for 6 and another long run out. and Game 3 - 1 for lots in the rain.  Yes Ryan my 3 days I was more concerned with stats and beers!

Well here are my #5

Sports to Watch

Baseball - RedSox baby!!!!!

I have very fond memories of staying up late with my younger bro with a real strong coffee and watching 3 innings before falling asleep on the dirty mocha chicken couch!!!!  I'm now a relatively big Boston RedSox fan any game on ONE is enjoyed!

Sports to Play

Baseball - Karingal SC regional champs

I have a ball and glove and in high school enjoyed having a hit. I was on the school team that won the regional champs as an outfielder and back up pitcher. Sure I was probably the weakest link on the team but I enjoyed it and would have to say I'm better at this than cricket and yes the enjoyment factor goes up if I'm better for it!

Until then hail to the hit and giggle!


  1. Dude, those cricket stats are way better than my two years on the job. Recognise.

  2. I don't know whether to be flattered or realise U musta been crap!!!! Great clubman though!!!! I banged one ball into the pitch that missed the batter by at least 5 metres and then retched!!! hahaha