Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Top Ten Sports to Watch/Play #2

Top Ten Sport to Watch #2

American Football (Gridiron) - New York Football Giants

I started watching NFL in 1991 and have been addicted ever since. So much so I paid for pay TV just so I could get up at 3am ad watch the early game. Oh and Sports Centre. I'm not particular either I'll watch any team and now that I have access to channel ONE I'll see more this coming summer. Back in the day I used to watch the local Frankston team and in 1999 I flew to Sydney to watch The Denver Broncos and the San Diego Chargers play an exhibition game. One of my bucket list goals is to see a game in New York and the Superbowl (I can dream!) Watching a game featuring the New York Giants is an absolute thrill for me and seeing them win SuperBowl XLII (42 if you're not Roman!) with my mate Rowie (sic) was top 3 sporting events ever.

I am a big fan of stats and NFL has it in spades and I'm also a huge fan of the tactical part of the sport!

Top Ten Sport to Play #2

American Football (Gridiron) - I'm looking for a throw, I'm looking to a long throw!

As I've stated earlier, my enjoyment for a sport grows exponentially with my ability to actually play it. My 3 best friends in high school were all very talented sportsmen but I would like to think that this is the one sport where I could hold my own. I have pretty good hands but lack the pace unfortunately. But throwing the ball for some reason suited me. I'm by no means muscular so I guess from a bio mechanical point my throwing style suited that skill. I'm generally pretty accurate and could definitely throw it further so my enjoyment was lifted. I would have loved to play high school football but maybe that would shown me I wasn't quite as good as I thought so it's for the best!

Until then hail to the Mary!


  1. So if the ol' gridiron comes in at 2 then what the hell will be number one, what hasn't been put up yet, I'm intrigued...

  2. haha A bit obvious but thanks for following!!!!