Monday, May 24, 2010

Top Ten Sports to Watch/Play #4

Top Sport to Watch #4

Cricket - Before the men started taking their wives on tour

As any red blooded Aussie male I've seen my fair share of Aussie cricket. Not interested in Sheffield Shield it has to be Australia and preferably ODI or TESTS. Haven't really taken to 20TWENTY but will watch it if no other sport on!!!!  I grew up playing in the backyard and I was Dean Jones and my younger bro Mark Waugh and I listened to The 12th Man. I've been a huge fan of Pontings throughout his whole career! A bit late for DK Lillie and Co but still the Aussie team has been in a state of constant halcyon years since I've been alive! Love beating the KIWI's and particularly the POMS in the Ashes.

Top Sport to Play #4

Soccer - Liverpool kiss! Chelsea smile!

The only reason I have this above 5-8 is because of the round ball and it's easier therefore I'm better at it! Yes I get more enjoyment if I can actually participate!!!! Fancy myself as a bit of a striker but never played professionally! I'm sure I'll get out in the playground come World Cup!!

Can I also give a shout out to my esteemed little bro. He is a published writer of some note and has his thick cheerio fingers in many pies and as of today has launched a new blog/website thoughtballoon where 9 writers including him pick a comic character each week to write a one page comic script each. They've started with Tony Stark and as of now they have 2 very different yet interesting takes on the Tin Man.

Until then hail to the Stark!


  1. Ooh, cricket definitely holds this spot. I'm trying to think what the top three will be, two obvious choices but unsure of the third, off the top of my head.

    Soccer is a great one to play, and you can use pretty much anything, and anyone can join in. This one is a really good choice.

    Thanks for the shout out to thoughtballoons, hope you keep up with us and enjoy a few little ideas we throw out.

    Also glad to see how dedicated you have been with this countdown. Very cool.

  2. Yeah trying to keep it up quick so it doesn't take 6 months!!!!

    New one tomorrow if given time!!!

    Thanks for following