Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Top Ten Sports to Watch/Play #8 and #7

Well here are my #8

Sports to Watch

Golf - 18 Holes isn't enough for Tiger

To watch golf I have to pick a 'swinger' to 'follow' and only the big events!!!!!!

Sports to Play

Tennis - Beating Aiden being the highlight

I have swung the racket a couple of times but my win over Aiden at UNE was the highlight.

Well here are my #7

Sports to Watch

Soccer - Living in England during the 2006 World Cup was awesome!

I've never been a huge fan but I'll keep an eye on Aussie qualifiers and the Fury but damn I'm in for the World Cup. Less than a month to go!!!!

Sports to Play

Golf - Royal Chindarah

I really enjoy Golf but I am not very good at it and my patience isn't great so it can be frustrating!!!!  However I usually enjoy the experience and can usual come close to Rowey or Ryan.  Hanging the 14th hole flag proudly is almost a highlight!!!! How teeing off and landing less than a metre from the pin after a drink fuelled superbowl is it!

Until then hail to South Africa!!


  1. Haven't really played any gold lately, just don't think a day of chasing my shit shots would be relaxing.

  2. That's bullshit, the court wasn't even regulation!!!

  3. Reggielation court????? haha All I remember is watching you and your brother hit it out and I hit an annoying drop shot (cause I can't hit hard!) and Mick was laughing at you and you were getting annoyed and they I started trash talking cause I'm much better at that than tennis!!!!!

    I've been following ur blog and man you are having the best time!!!!