Monday, July 25, 2011

North Melbourne Kangaroos - Top 3 individual performances

There are 2 performances that stand out as 2 of the best for the whole league but choosing the third best was a little tougher. Having a high number in one or more statistical areas doesn't necessarily make it a great performance. Brady Rawlings often picks up 30+ possessions but they aren't as damaging to the opposition as 30 possessions from a more skillful player like Daniel Wells. Shear possessions and marks don't tell the same story as taking into account whether they were contested or a number of uncontested half-back time wasters.

So these are in order and I'm going to start with #1.

#1 Individual Performance (so far)

Andrew Swallow

Round 11 vs Adelaide Crows

I rate Andrew's game against the Crows as the most complete and influential by any player wearing the Royal Blue this year.

Swallow started the game hot winning 2 clearances and kicking a goal in the first 90 seconds. By quarter-time he had 17 disposals, 14 contested possessions, and 10 clearances to his name. Swallow single handedly won the team the quarter and although he didn't replicate these dizzying stat for the 3 subsequent quarters he still played a great game and ending up with some near records on the way. His 39 possessions were used at an astonishingly high 84% effectiveness. He laid 5 tackles, picked u 17 clearances and kicked 2 goals. He also took 3 uncharacteristic bounces as he was obviously aware he was playing a blinder. His most impressive stat was his 27 contested possessions that was 1 off the all-time record. This stat shows that Swallow wasn't on the end of easy kicks and he went and got the ball himself.

#2 Individual Performance

Jack Ziebell

Round 17 - Western Bulldogs

You could excuse Ziebell his relatively slow start to the season as his is coming off 2 broken legs and hip surgery and he's only 20. Coach Brad Scott subbed him out of most games at the start of the season as his fitness slowly built up and Ziebell has started to repay the faith picking up 20+ possies in 7 out of the last 9 games.

It was on the Sunday afternoon against the Bulldogs that Ziebell played his breakout game picking up 41 valuable possessions. His 28 kicks were more than any Bulldog could manage in possessions for the match. Ziebell entered the league with a mature body and show this by shrugging many tackles as well as laying 6 of his own. He was able to pick up 20 contested possessions and executed 8 valuable clearances. His confidence building during the season and reaching a crescendo as he attacked the ball and took the game on as evident by his 8 inside 50's an a goal.

Ziebell still needs to build a bigger fitness base as an uninterrupted pre-season will help with this but his game is even more magnificent in the reality that Ziebell was only on he ground for 68% of the game time. Imagine what he'll be able to do when he can play a regular midfield role at about 85% GT?

#3 Individual Performances

Todd Goldstein

Round 14 vs Port Adelaide

Picking the 3rd IP was difficult as a few players has very good games and Daniel Wells was unlucky as was Drew Petrie but Goldstein needs to be rewarded for his ultra consistent season thus far that could/should result in an All-Australian selection.

Goldstein set the tone early and finished the game with a staggering 53 hit outs (His second 53HO game for the year) and his attack on the footy a marvel for a player who stands 201cm and 103kgs. He picked up 13 handy possessions including 4 rebounds out of 50 and a goal. When he didn't have the ball on a string he laid 6 tackles.

I'd love to be able to update this post with another stand out performance before the season is over particularly a finals game.

Until then hail to Spitta!


  1. Notice there are NO star individual performances when you seem to play COLLINGWOOD!!!!

  2. Yeah funny that when you get pounded by the dominant premiers!!!

    Wait 2 years when the Roos young midfield get near the 100 game mark at the same time. Swan and co will be wishing for a reach around!!!!