Friday, July 29, 2011

North Melbourne Kangaroos - Must Win Friday Night Game!

The Kangaroos take on 4th placed Carlton in arguably their most important match so far.

The Roos have been able to account for most teams below them on the ladder and have also been blown out of the park against the top 2 teams. This is a chance to prove to the AFL public that they belong and can match it with the big boys. The Kangaroos currently sit in 10th position a half a game out of the 8 and play Hawthorn next week in another test before a bye. A win tonight and a Fremantle loss to Hawthorn would see the Roos enter the 8 and finals talk for the first time all year. After losing the first 4 games of the year and dropping several winnable games the Roos have won 6 of their last 8 and apart from being gangbanged by Collingwood have been playing good uncompromising footy with loads of contested footy to accompany clearances and inside 50's. If not for inaccurate kicking in front of the big sticks, the Roos would have an even better %.

Where the game will be won!

Let's look at the raw team stats (Totals):

Clearances:  2nd Carlton - 3rd Kangaroos
Contested Possessions: 3rd Carlton - 4th Kangaroos
Inside 50: 3rd Kangaroos - 5th Carlton
1%ers: 3rd Kangaroos - 6th Carlton
Contested Marks: 5th Kangaroos - 11th Carlton
Hit Outs: 2nd Kangaroos - 3rd Carlton
Goals: 3rd Carlton - 6th Kangaroos
Tackles: 2nd Carlton - 8th Kangaroos

Is there a clear winner? The only thing clear here is both teas are doing well in all of these statistical areas.

How about players in the top 10 (Total)
Clearances: 3rd Judd (C); 4th Swallow(NM); 9th Murphy (C)
Contested Possessions: E4th Swallow (NM) Judd(C); 6th Murphy (C)
Inside 50: 4th Simpson (C); 6th Wells (NM); 9th Murphy (C); 10th Judd(C)
1%ers: 2nd Thompson (NM)
Contested Marks: 3rd Petrie (NM)
Hit Outs: 1st Goldstein (NM)595; 6th Warrnock (C) 373 - 222 diference
Goals: 4th Walker (C); 7th Petrie (NM); E8th Betts (C), Garlett (C)
Tackles: 8th Swallow

Any clearer? The match winners will be Judd, Murphy and the Carlton small forwards vs Swallow, Wells, Goldstein and the Petrie up forward.

Whoever can win the clearances and contested possession should result in more inside 50's and scoring shots. If it's North Melbourne they need to kick above .500 and they're a red hot chance.

Check in in a couple of days for the review.

Until then hail to the clearance!

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