Friday, July 22, 2011

3 about to become 4

Damn, it hit me today that in less than 6 weeks I'm going to be a father (again).

Are we ready and how will Ben react. Apparently he has hit a couple of babies at Childcare and maybe this is because we are talking about babies more.

We're still waiting for Ben's bed to arrive and the transition for him out of his cot is probably going to be the hardest. Yes I know we'll be hit by a whole new level of sleep deprivation but I'm already up at least twice during the night at the moment and Annaliese will be doing the late night feeds. So hopefully Ben accepts that they will be a little bundle taking up our attention and time. Guess we'll find out - in 5 weeks 6 days actually!

Anyway it's about to get real, real soon!

Until then hail to Caesar!

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