Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Making it?

I have started a new writing venture with a guy in Phoenix, Arizona and was discussing it with my brother when he said 'Man you'll be rich soon!'

This got me thinking about writing success and what is considered 'making it' and what would I consider more important.

The 2 main things to come out of selling scripts (not counting fame, groupies and ladies) would be money and pride of having your words materialise. Both could be considered to be ego driven but from different spectrum's.

So when I got off the phone I poured myself a water returned to the lounge room... oops back to the point. Off the phone I asked myself what would I prefer?

1) A crappy movie that made me $1,000,000.00 and $50,000 yearly in residuals.
2) A really quality film that critics loved and more importantly I loved but only made me $20k.

Well, Id be lying to say I'd hate the cool mill and selling out would haunt me. It wouldn't!! But you know what, a mill isn't going to be enough to retire on and would probably guarantee I never sell another script again. And most importantly I wouldn't have this DVD on my shelves that I would be proud for people to watch.

However the pride I would receive by having an 'indie' film produced that I believed was a good (hell maybe great) flick would give me such a greater satisfaction than a bank balance.

After this internal monologue I realised......

I don't care I'd just love to sell a script!!!!!!

So lets hope that this current treatment I'm writing pays some dividends!

Until then hail to the desert!

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