Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Robert Rodriguez - Movie List

Well here's my list of a director who I absolutely idolise. No he hasn't always hit home runs and no he sometimes strikes out but as an auteur who can create a visual palette to rock the senses he am in awe of his possibilities!!!

1. Sin City (I struggled for a #1 but this is rewatchable and superbly made)
2. From Dusk Till Dawn (A fantastic story told really well)
3. Desperado (Viewing for the senses!)
4. Spy Kids (I would have goofed over a movie like this a kid, so beautiful and imaginative)
5. The Faculty (A great take of the paranoia movie AKA The Thing)
6. Spy Kids 2:Island of Lost Dreams (A bloody good worthy follow up to original)
7. El Mariachi (What he was able to achieve on such little money is legendary for a reason)
8. Planet Terror (He achieved what he set out to achieve but nowhere near the top 6 flicks on this here list)
9. Once Upon a Time in Mexico (Not bad but too convoluted in unnecessary plot)
10. Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over (Another tired 3rd installment, lets hope 4 in an improvement!)
11. Shorts (Obvious RR was having fun with his kids but not much on offer!)
11. The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl 3-D (Tie with Short for the exact same reason!)
12. Roadracers (Not a bad made for TV effort but that's all it is)
N/A Machete (Haven't seen it but will!!!!!)

Not adding Bedhead or The Misbehavers (Four Rooms instalment) as they're shorts and don't count. But for what they're worth they were fun little ditties!

Here's hoping he knocks Sin City 2 and Spy Kids 4 out of the park!!

Tell me your thoughts and pass judgement because that's the point of the exercise and I'm big enough!!

Even don't your list in the comment box below for comparisons!

Until then hail to the Trejo!

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  1. This is not how I would have guessed your list at all, man. Not in the slightest. My list will certainly be different but I need some time to think it over - and you know now is not that time, ha.

    Very interesting, bro. I'm finding things out I did not know.