Thursday, June 17, 2010

The best way to predict your future is to create it.

I need to vent about footy and it's a week when my team has had the best win of their year!!!!

I've been listening with patience all year about how good the Demons are going to be and how their young brigade of players will hold them in good stead in the years to come.

Well I'm going to drop some statistical knowledge on you and you be the judge.

The Demons are playing so well!?!?!? or so it seems!!!!  They are currently 4 wins and a draw from 12 games. The 4 wins have been Adelaide and Richmond (Bottom 2), Brisbane and Port Adelaide (Bottom 8). Nuff said!!
The Kangaroos are 6 wins from 12 games and touted as having a shocking year. Sure I'll admit we have had a couple of blow out losses but that is to be expected with the youngest list in the comp.

As Janet and Luthur put it 'check this out!'

I was lurking through the dark murky sewers or the 'net' and stumbled across and found a fantastic resource for AFL stats!!!!

I noticed Ryan Bastinac our star recruit at pick #21 in the 09 draft is the #1 Rising Star in the AFL for disposals. I thought this was a good endorsement that he was travelling well so I sluthed further and found this:

Rising Star Total Disposals

#1     Ryan Bastinac  236
#5     Jack Ziebell     194
#26   Sam Wright     121  (11 Games played out of 12)
#31   Ben Cunnington 99  (8 Games played)

Rising Star Total Kicks

#1     Ryan Bastinac   121
#2     Jack Ziebell      117
#19   Sam Wright       73
#27   Ben Warren      60 (8 Games played out of 12)

Rising Star Total Goals

#8    Ben Warren     10
#11  Sam Wright      8  (Both not even Forwards!)

Rising Star Tackles (Probably the most impressive stats for rookies!)

#2     Jack Ziebell      58
#7     Ben Cunnington  47 (#1 avg per game at over 5!!!!)
#9    Ryan Bastinac     38
#22  Sam Wright        28
#24  Cruize Garlett     24 (4 Games Played)
#40  Ben Warren        14

I started off comparing 'our' young group with Melbourne's but have gone with a focus on The Roos group to point out the brightness of our future and where we are (hopefully) heading as a club on the field.

Nth Melb are 6-6 sitting in 9th position equal to Hawthorn who are 6-6 in 8th. A must win game this Sunday against The Power could find the Roos in the 8 at the end of the week??

Potential is a finicky game but I honestly believe that if the Roos miss the finals this year, they should make it next!!

One final look at the guns at our club who have played less than 100 games

89 Hamish McIntosh
74 Andrew Swallow
66 Lindsay Thomas
62 Scott McMahon
53 Matt Campbell
47 Aaron Edwards
41 Lachie Hansen
40 Scott Thompson
37 Gavin Urquhart
36 Ed Lower
28 Todd Goldstein
24 Nathan Grima
22 Jack Ziebell
18 Levi Greenwood
17 Liam Anthony
17 Ben Warren
15 Leigh Adams
15 Sam Wright
14 Ben Ross
12 Ryan Bastinac
9  Cruize Garlett
9  Josh Smith
8  Ben Cunnington
5  Alan Obst
2  Nathan O'Keefe
0  Majak Daw
0  Robbie Tarrant
Plus many other unplayed rookies!!!

Until then hail to the Rising Star!

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  1. Alright, now I know where to come to get my game stats. You keep on pumping them out, bro, I'll keep up this way just fine.

    Good to see you keeping a clear head and looking to the future.