Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Taking the next step!?

After reading another riveting installment/blog from the eponymous StinkBrown it got me thinking.

It skirted around the importance of knowing your limitations and then pounced on the importance of how to bend those limitations to your will.

Now I certainly know my limitations and I'm well aware there are some whoppers!!! By day I am a mild mannered (depending on the class!!) teacher who goes home to his beautiful wife and amazing son. So truthfully life couldn't really get much better than that. Sure we could all use more cash but even the rich dudes need more and then pi$$ it up at the casino Kerry Packer style.

However I do have some ambitions and as is well versed writing of the film script variety is one of them!! I don't want to harp on about it but I was fortunate enough to have an idea of my made in an award winner short film The Pessimist. This was a boost to the confidence of a poorly teacher but it has just spurred me on to succeed at a higher level. Where am I going this well hang on and you will see.....

I have completed a fully drafted feature length script that I stand behind and say "I would go to the cinemas to see that!!" The only question is? What next? I have it at a point where I need an outside eye to appraise it and tell me where the deficiencies are and I'll try to craft it a little more.

Earlier this year my brother and I wrote a short script titled "Soap". We bounced it back and forth a few times and hit a road where we needed an outside eye to guide us. We were lucky enough to have two producers look at it for a few weeks but other jobs came up and we were happy to have any help. Then a month later we teamed up with a director/producer partnership working under the Thunderstorm Productions blanket. After selling the rights to them we back and forth ed several times with Matt Pearson and in my humble opinion crafted a well metered story about a man who suffers from OCD. I personally found this collaboration invigorating and appreciated having a talented eye work with my words.

So.... back on track I am wondering what step is needed next for my feature. I am at a point where I NEED a talented eye to guide me in the right direction and ultimately towards production. Unfortunately the Aussie film industry is nigh on impossible to move onto that next step. So I'll keep toiling away but I'm well aware that this might just be a pipe dream and leave the real writing to Stinko!!

Until then hail to my limitations!

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