Wednesday, November 4, 2009


The first thing people ask when you have a baby is who does he look like?

Who's eyes/nose/smile does he have. I have just been emailed a picture of me to be used on graduation night for my students and I thought that there were some features that may resemble me.

I know this doesn't mean he is going to grow up looking like me (for his sake I hope not!!) and personally I care either way. Sure I hope Ben inherits some of my better qualities but Annaliese has many more and I guess he would be better off getting those. I apparently looked a lot like my father when I was teenager but not really at all. Whereas my younger brother now looks a hell of lot like him now so I'm aware we change over time and I'm really looking forward to witness what changes occur in Benjamin.

Well the first pic is Benjamin and I'm obviously the second pic. So let me know what feature/s you think Ben and I shared at a young age!!

Until then hail to the chromosome!

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