Sunday, November 1, 2009

The joys of fatherhood!

Annaliese and I have spent the 1st complete weekend, just us and Benjamin. At first it was a little daunting but when it comes down to it, all Ben needs to survive is mother's milk (from Annaliese not the awesome Chili Peppers album) and sleep. And maybe cuddles from dad!?!?

Friday afternoon is a little shaky with lots of crying and no sign of a solution. The feed came up and after that he slept like a baby (is that a simile?? sic) and mother and father were able to sleep peacefully through a DVD. He fed and slept throughout the night and was the perfect little champion Saturday morning spending 90 minutes in the pram without so much a murmur. He has his restless period during the afternoon (happy with that!) and slept from 7pm til midnight and woke up only once more during the night.

Sunday morning was spent dancing with daddy (he especially like Last Goodbye, Jeff Buckley and Seven Spanish Angels, Willie Nelson) and taking in the world. The attached photo was taken during one of our tours of the kitchen to visit mummy!

It is fair to say life is about as good as it gets and although it's constant it is definitely worth it!!


I've also decided I need to really make an attempt at finishing my children's script!!!

Until then hail to the weekends!!!

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