Monday, March 2, 2009

Top Ten - The Tens

Over the next ten installments I will be counting down my favourite movies, books, songs and television series’. Some of my choices will be made with the heart, some with my brain and hopefully some of them with both. If you know me relatively well you’ll probably have a 70-80% success rate but getting the order right might be trickier. I won’t just bang out the ten like a cheap hooker. I’m going explain why each one deserves the right to represent.

Let’s not delay, here are the ones who scraped into the 10th spot.

Boyz n the HoodAll you do is eat sleep and shit

This one is definitely more heart than head, hell isn’t that what 10th place is for? A wise movie critic once pointed out to me that this would be a perfect midday movie if not for the repeated use of the F word. I don’t care! Watching Tre being raised on the mean ghetto streets by his wise father Furious is uplifting and entertaining. There’s definitely heart in this movie, but it also showed the chops of a young black director names John Singleton. There are ya convinced yet?

Better - Screaming Jets - You say you never get anywhere!

This is one of the all-time pub sing along songs. It has a kickin beat and lyrics you can really sink your teeth into. I remember playing it in my car once and my grandfather was nodding his head to the beat, or maybe he was falling asleep. Either way I can always find time to listen to this song, it rocks!

T.V Series
Two Guys and Girl and a Pizza PlaceRyan Reynolds

I really dig the first few seasons of this and even though it didn’t keep up the high standards I still enjoyed most episodes. Again this is why there is a 10th position. Longevity has a lot to say about a series and four seasons ain't too bad. I’ll have more to write about other series’.

A Clockwork Orange – Anthony Burgess – A malenky bit of the old ultra-violence

I finished this book two days ago and it’s the only book on the list I’ve read in the last three years. Once I wrapped my head around the slavo talk I just enjoyed the book for what it is. A social commentary about youth, violence and the rights of the government. I on a rare occasion saw the movie before I read the book and although I highly rate the movie, the book is superior. A clever book by an author at the top of his game. I have no apologies for this selection.

Well that’s all for the Tens!! The Nines are on their way!!

Until then!

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  1. Two Guys A Girl And A Pizza Place, dammit that should have been mine. Ryan Reynolds cutting his teeth is an excuse to do anything. Watched him in The Nines the other day, a movie where the concept is so much more interesting than the delivery, but the movie does its job, it makes you think. I've said it before, Ryan Reynolds will win an Oscar before we are through.