Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Paper Street Publishing teams up with Tight Spot Productions

I haven't been as excited about a script since the good gentlemen at Lav Productions took on one of my shorts. In a first for me I'm collaborating, although it's with my brother and we have been talking movies since Kurt Russell was rocking out the beard and fighting aliens.

Having written many scripts that have started out well but puttered to a smokey demise, I can sense that this script is polishing up nicely and has already taken on a life and identity. All I will say is that it's titled 'SOAP' and it's NOT an homage to American History X. Watch this space.

I would also like to welcome a very good mate of mine to the real world. AKA share accommodation. He's bought a Wii so I don't think his housemates will kick him out just yet. All hail Roweyboy!!!

As for literature the next post WILL be the nines but I would like to share that I've just started reading Needful Things - Stephen King and there are few authors who can consistently make me excited to delve into the depths of a story.

Until then go Rooboys!!!

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  1. The Wii's in my room so no one else can play it yet!! And it will be there until Im good at all the sports so I can kick their arses and then they will kick me out.