Friday, February 27, 2009

First Blog!! Who am I?

I would like to say welcome and sorry. Welcome because this is my first attempt at blogging. Sorry because if you are used to reading Ryan’s blog on then I might not meet his overly high standards.

I’ll start with a little about me and finish with a more comprehensive picture of the enigma wrapped in a riddle RKL (Notice how his initials sound like Urkel from Family Matters?)

I’m a primary school teacher in North QLD and hobbyist writer. I found my love and confidence in writing in 2000 when I started university by co-writing a feature length script with our older brother Marc. It’s amateurish but it’s a start and since then I have written more and more. This has resulted in Lav Bodnaruk and Michael Mier taking a short film idea I’d written and making it a reality. I received a copy of The Pessimist today in fact and it’s amazing what they have accomplished with such a simple idea of mine. I will always be grateful to the boys from for being my opening into the film business, whether I do anything with it is my own fault/choice. While I’m praising the/my movie I’d like to mention Bille Brown. This cat has contacts with Monty Python and is an amazing character actor. Check out Ascension on youtube and be blown away! I don’t know who I didn’t sleep with to make so happy but I’m happy to not do it again.

Ryan was also correct when he stated I will discuss the mighty North Melbourne Kangaroos and the New York Football Giants but for today I’ve covered me/The Pessimist and now here’s my over view of Ryan.

Ryan has always been a conundrum within our family. Growing up with two older brother reading Stephen King Ryan was reading Stephen King in primary school. He was following me to the movies with my friends and probably understanding the movie more than my friends.

Any who I’ll be talking all stuff top ten in the next couple of weks so please stay tuned!!!!

Until then have a week Jame$


  1. Welcome to the monkey house, brother.
    Nice to have a partner for when the calls to arms is issued.
    Have fun!

  2. well james, i see that you have been as modest and succint as always! though i suppose some slack can be cut your way considering the time of the posting (why were you not busily getting your beauty sleep? heaven knows you need it!!). anyway, congrats on your hollywood success, and make sure that i have a starring role in your next movie so that you can get the world wide recognition that you so richly deserve!

  3. Recognise the photo - Christchurch circa 1979? The handsome man with the beard is Toby - best friend I ever had or will have. You have your Granddads love of literature and creativity (though am not sure if he was up to the Stephen King era of writing). So proud of your success and looking forward to seeing your short film - our family are truly extra ordinary!!!!!!!!
    Keep the talent juices flowing..................