Thursday, March 5, 2009

Top Ten - The Nines

Alrighty then, I sense the Nines coming up. Before I start however I would like to issue a disclaimer. MY top ten is based on my tastes and preferences not what high flying literati deem worthy. My books WON’T include the complete collection of Shakespeare and the bible. My movies WON’T include Citizen Kane (although it’s an awesome movie) or Blue Velvet (another good movie). My songs WON’T include Beethoven’s 9th or Celine Dion. My T.V. series WON’T include documentaries about Hitler or Alzheimer’s Disease. They WILL include entries that have touched and inspired me. Anyway here we go!

Top Ten – The Nines

El Mariachi - Bucho

This is almost the single biggest force in inspiring me to write for the screen. Robert Rodriguez is a film making tour du force and epitomizes everything I love about the film creation process. Technically El is not Rodriguez’s best outing but for ME watching this (particularly with the audio commentary on) makes me want to grab a camera and shoot!

Killer Queen – Queen - Caviar and cigarettes Well versed in etiquette Extraordinarily nice

Queen had to be in my top ten. The only question was where. As a little boy I would hold a figurine of my mothers and mouth the words as Freddie belted out the words. My dad was a huge fan, my brothers are huge fans and damn it so am I!!! Forget Harvey Milk I’d be more interested in seeing a Mercury movie extravaganza. While living in England when my lovely wife game me the chace to pick a ‘show’to see, we saw We Will Rock You. Front Row centre seat and I was in Queen heaven. Tell me you don't read the above lyrics you don’t start singing the song. Sure there are many other songs by Queen that could have made this list but I had to stick by one and although it changed 5 times, this is it, just finished listening to the Live Killers version and it ROCKS!!!!

T.V. Series
The Twilght Zone - This is the dimension of imagination. It is an area which we call the Twilight Zone.

I’m talking about the Rod Serling series that started in ’59 and lasted 5 seasons. Although I thoroughly enjoyed the ‘80’s series and the movie. Rod Serling’s opening monologue precludes to strange happenings about to be fed into my Gulliver. One of the great things to come out of doing my own top tens (and I recommend you all try for yourself) is the soul searching and surprises that come out of it. This was one of those surprises, I knew I liked The Twilight Zone but how much wasn’t prevalent until I had to place it within a hierarchy.

The Great and Secret Show – Clive Barker – Seth and Owen.

My esteemed brother would be proud that the Liverpoolian homosexual is included here. Ryan got me onto this author and overall I am impressed. TGSS is the epic of epics. So many subplots spin and revolve on a pin head in this strange story, too many for me to blog on about but I will say the characters are rich, plot think and prose silky smooth.

That’s all for the Nines!

Hope you’ve enjoyed it. If not comment! If so comment!

Until then hail to the king baby!

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