Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Notre Dame sinks the Navy!!!!

Yeah the Irish loss to USC last week quashed any hopes of a BSC Bowl again but that didn't stop ND from coming out and giving those Sneaky Sailors a good old-fashioned rogering!!!

The Navy who have been averaging 300+ yards on the ground were kept in the kiddie pool amassing a piddly 196 and a touchdown. In contrast the Irish rumbled for 182 and 7 scores. 3 for Jonas Gray and 2 to Cierre Wood.

Michael Floyd was untouchable with 121 from 6 receptions including a busted secondary for a 56 yard stroll into the endzone. Very impressive considering the wet Navy air strike managed a soggy 33 yards in total.

Bring on Wake Forest!!!!

Until then hail to Royal George!

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