Tuesday, November 1, 2011

New York Giants - Rd8 Miami Dolphins - REVIEW

Well a win is a win (haven't I said that already this year???????????????)

The Giants managed a 4th quarter come from behind victory at home to the win less Dolphins. While it should have been an easy tune up win in the lead up to the Patriots next week, I could have also been a shock Ala Seahawks.

Eli Manning continued his form with another 300+ yards 2 touchdowns ZERO interceptions and 100+ rating. If he's not Aaron Rodgers' backup come Pro Bowl time he never will be.

Another Corner back went down with a season injury and we struggled with the run.

But... We're 5-2 and continue to churn out the wins.

We're at the halfway mark of the season so I'm going to extrapolate at look at where some of our statistical leaders are looking at finishing the season.

Eli Manning 312 from 482 at 64.7%  4254 yards 26 touchdowns & 10 interceptions & a 102.1 Rating

This has him 3rd in the NFL and 2nd in the NFC with his career best rating. He's also 2nd in the NFL with an 8.8 per pass average.

Hakeem Nicks 76 Receptions 1150 yards and 6 touchdowns
Victor Cruz 56 receptions 994 yards and 8 touchdowns

Ahmad Bradshaw 880 yards for 10 touchdowns

Corey Webster and Aaron Ross with 6 interceptions a piece.

Jason Pierre-Paul 17 sacks
Osi Umenyoira 12 sacks (considering he missed the first 3 games I'd go with 15 sacks)

So with a 2 game buffer and a hell of a 2nd half schedule let's hope the Giants can hold on and make the play-offs. Once there anything can happen.

Until then hail to the Tuna!

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