Saturday, November 26, 2011

New 52 - My Pull List

I'm a massive Batman fan and was excited by the news of FLASHPOINT and that DC were going to start a relaunch with 52 title starting at #1.

There are plenty of Batman issues so I've hooked into most of those and a few others have also caught my eye. I wish I had the time to read more but this is list I have chosen to read and what I think of them.


This is my highlight of the New 52 so far. Scott Snyder (American Vampire) is spinning an intriguing tale involving the Court of Owl's and the 2nd half of #3 is comic gold. The ending was so awesome that had me turn back 3 pages to reread and try to experience the awesomeness. I'm hooked. Although this list in not necessarily in order (it's close though) this is the tops.

Detective Comics

This title lives up to its name. It has Batman and the loyal reader looking for clues. Add to this the interesting character The Dollmaker and I'm looking forward to #4 almost as much as Batman.

Animal Man

I had no preconceptions of Animal Man and only tried it because it was highly recommended. I chewed up issues 1 through 3 in one night and was held captive. Many people rate this as their top of the drops an I can see why. This reminds me of a Clive Barker type tale and I'm looking forward to seeing where it takes me!

Batman and Robin

I'm enjoying B&R much more than I thought I would and a lot of it is because of the impetuous Damian Wayne and the way his character is cleverly used. Looking forward to seeing DW develop.

Frankenstein Agent of S.H.A.D.E

This is another title recommended and I now know why. Frankie 2.0 is a reboot of kinds but still feels and tastes like an old E.C comic. Really enjoying it so far.

Swamp Thing

The only thing I knew about Swampie was the camp Wes Craven movie from back in the day. This is much better. I was also recommended this but didn't need much pushing when I saw that Scott Snyder was writing. The 1st issue took a little time to warm up for me but it has well and truly found its feet by #3.

Dark Knight

Dark Knight has been interesting and a few twists have been satisfactory but nowhere near the levels of the other Batman titles.

Night Wing

I like the look of Night Wing (comic as well as the costume) and Dick Grayson is a character that I'm happy to follow. Not top of the drops but definitely will keep on with this one.


Batwing is a member of Batman Incorporated and he is currently keeping the good people of the Congo safe. This is a title I like but needs to improve if it wants me to forge on.

I've also had a go at Miniseries:

Penguin: Pain and Prejudice

I've had the pleasure of reading parts 1 and 2 and absolutely love it. Gregg Hurwitz as brought to life a great story and pushed the Penguin up the slippery ladder of foes by adding depth and empathy to what in my mind was a one-dimensional character. A shame there is only 3 instalments left!!

Batman: Odyssey

Issue #1 was a little disappointing for me but I've give it another go.

Until then hail to the Deck!

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