Saturday, July 11, 2009

Hard Case Crime

I've had 2 weeks holiday. Luckily for me that is something I can say every 10 weeks as I'm a teacher. My wife is pregnant and due is 11 weeks so I didn't do a hell of a lot. Sadly no writing (don't ask!!) but I hit Entourage pretty hard and my in-laws visited briefly. I also found a love. I have read at least one Stephen King book every year since 1995. I have met another 'book' I would like to strike up another passion. Hard Case Crime!!! My well read little brother bought me one for X-mas last year. The Colorado Kid by Stephen King, yes I notice the irony! I really enjoyed the book (read it before New Years) but didn't really notice the HCC connection. My Bro then informed me there were many more and quality amoungst them!!!!! So I purchased The Vengeful Virgin and The Gutter and the Grave. In 3 days I had read both and was hooked. I read the former 1st and loved it. I could envision the smoke and the atmosphere. Like a Coen Brothers movies staring Bogart. Very 50's very noir. I then read the latter and fell hard. Clever dialogue and more twists than a fonzie (see Twisties). I have since bought several more and cannot wait to delve into the universe of noir!!

Until then thanks Bro!!!

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