Friday, February 27, 2009

James Lindsay - My Brother

To kick this brand new blog off, let me introduce you to James Lindsay, my brother.
He's the one on the left, I'm the goon with the cereal halfway to the mouth and the brain halfway kicked in.

He's a writer of great note; his short film, The Pessimist, was shot, cut and produced within the last few months. James came up with the idea (which made me laugh my ass off in parts) and partnered with a man he trusted, Lav Bodnaruk, to get this film made.

In other times James works on a lot of different writing. Eclecticism (is that a word?) and genius always have gone hand in hand, James is no exception.

James' reading is varied and erudite, too, but I will let him come up with his own lists of top tens to regale you all with.

James is also a wicked sports fan, and player, and I have no doubt this blog will discuss the North Melbourne Kangaroos and New York Giants over the course of time.

Overall, being my older brother, James is my hero. He does it all right and all of the time. An exceptional quality and one that I try to emulate every day.

And, who am I? I'm just some kid who still reads comics, and is proof of that. Yeah, bro, I got a plug in, sorry.

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  1. Maybe it is the family ties. Maybe it's because I like to believe that the love of literature (be it Mills and Boon or the Torah) was encouraged in our family, but I do believe that both James and Ryan epitomise all that their Granddad (a self educated war vet of WW2)wanted to achieve in his family that came from South East London. We are survivors, we have the ability to learn and we have the ability to share our love of knowledge with others. I am proud to call them my nephews!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!