Friday, September 9, 2011

Red Hot Chili Peppers - I'm With You - Review

I purchased this on iTunes the day it was available in Australia but needed time to get to know the songs better before I judged them. It's like meeting someone for the first time. To judge them on the first opinion they make or the colour of their hair would be remiss. I like to get to know somebody a little before I judge them, whisper behind their back and ridicule them from the safety of my laptop.

So the vibe of this album is a lot cruisier than previous Chili albums but is peppered with little gems and even a few tracks that are slow burners. (They didn't jump at me on first or second listens but have forced their way into my subconscious like that tasty jingle - Costanza!)

Monarchy of Roses

A very worthy 1st track. This is the Chili Peppers at their rock best. The lyrics are pretty tight, Chad holds his on the drums and Josh is given the freedom to stamp his name on the albums. I like it! 8/10

Factory of Faith

I don't mind this but it doesn't ring RHCP's to me. It seems like an early 80's homage. Certain parts of the song are actually quite good but the way Kiedis barks 'Factory' out and it's 40+ times just it's my kind of .... 7/10

Brendan's Death Song

This is my favourite song on the album and given time will probably settle into the top ten all-time RHCP songs. At my funeral this, Venice Queen and Gravedigger by Dave Matthews will be the 3 songs I want played! Sure it's about a real person, Brendan Mullins who had been known to the Peppers for an age but it's just a beautiful song born out of a jam after hearing the news of his passing and it permeates into every lyric and beat. I love this song, although mot in love with the title. 10/10


I do like this song but there's something holding me back from really liking it. This could be a slow-burner that will take a little longer till I get it. 7.5/10

Annie Wants a Baby

I pre-judged this on title and was wrong. I really like this also. It's smooth and melodic with tidy little beats to it. 8/10

Look Around

I can't put my finger on it but I really dig the feel of this track. Chorus is too simple and a little annoying but still a strong effort! 7.5/10

The Adventures of Raindance Maggie

This was the first single for a reason. It's a bloody good song. The lyrics are good to sing along to but the hero of this is the bass playing by Flea. I'm not a musician by any stretch but I can appreciate what is being done here. My head starts bopping at the start of the song and doesn't stop till it's over. 9/10

Did I Let You Know

This song has surprised in that I didn't really notice it first time around but it's slowly becoming one of my favourites. Couple of cool little solos including Flea on the trumpet too. This I know!!! 8/10

Goodbye Hooray

It has a catchy chorus if repetitive but otherwise not my favourite track on the album. 7/10

Happiness Loves Company

It sure does! Chad Smith sets the tone for this bopper and Kiedis just manages to hold on. Not a special track but I wouldn't skip it either! 7.5/10

Police Station

Subtle and tight would be the two words I'd use to describe this. This is the sort of great song the Peppers make when they're not trying to sound like the Peppers. Everyone brings something to this. 8.5/10

Even You Brutus?

I like this because of the clever Julius Caeser inspired lyrics and it's also music to my ears. Well layered and tempered. Another case of the song being better than the moniker.8/10

Meet Me At The Corner

This is an unassuming track that has a catchy hook and haunting lyrics from evergreen Anthony Kiedis. 7.5/10

Dance, Dance, Dance

This is the last track on the album and sends it off with bop and optimism. There's no standout winning element but it works and it's fun. 7.5/10

After almost 2 weeks to be acquainted with this album I'm happy to recommend it to people but more than 1 hearing is required to get a handle on it! I'd give the album 8.5/10

Until then hail to the Masque!

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