Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Sense of accomplishment!!

My little man, Benjamin turned 1 yesterday. It wasn't until we put him to bed last night that I realised my amazing wife with minimal support from me has raised a new born human with limited abilities all the way to 12 months.

In that time he has learned/been taught how to:     rollover, crawl, drink from a cup, sit up, crawl, take a few steps, say "no, dadda, mumma and oodle oodle oodle", play with water, feed himself (pancakes are the fav), help put clothes on, pick up objects in one and pass to the other, throw balls, giggle at farts/burps, sleep through the night, empty pantry, cupboards etc and make his parents very proud and happy.

I'm sure I've missed something!

And to top it off he took his first steps (more than 2 less than 10) on his actual birthday which is awesome!!

Until then hail to the ATAT Walker!


  1. So now I have a checklist of things to teach in the next 12 pressure.

    I still can't believe how photogenic the little man is. Two golden snaps right there.

  2. Ben's doing okay but I'm sure you have the application for Mensa printed out already for Parker!!!!

    Annaliese for some reason thinks you have a very good looking boy?!?!?!

    We got some killer photos of Ben yesterday playing on his sprinkler mat!!! Look out facebook.

    Ben just took off yesterday walking. He still falls over but it's awesome to see!!!

    Ben has Annaliese's eyes and my eye brows!!! poor kid!