Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Friday Night Lights

Having become a father for the first time 12 months ago (and 1 day) I haven't been able to to attend the cinemas as much as I would like. (once this year!!!!!)

Therefore I have sort my viewing through other avenues (NO redtube here!!) and through the good graces/prices of JB HiFi have bought several TV series' and thus far haven't been disappointed yet!!!!

The stand out has been Mad Men (3 seasons so far) however Friday Night Light was much more a sleeper and my expectations were low going in (even though it's set around high school gridiron !).

FNL's is a well made show from the ground up. The writing tight, acting solid and production values through the roof.

I would love to have thought I was like Tim Riggins in High school.

However I was/am much more like Landry but hey he also gets the hot girl (as of Early Season 2).

I love football but it's the characters and story lines that make the show. The limited parts of the football shown not only tell part of the story well but also carry well on screen. I particularly liked how football was used to express the relationship between QB1 Saracen and his father.

Next up on the TV series conveyor belt is Sopranos so fingers crossed.

Until then Clear eyes, Full Hearts - CAN'T LOSE!

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