Wednesday, February 10, 2010

It's been awhile!!!!

I promise the next installment will be the Number 1's!!!

Well what have I been up to?

I spent the summer (Australian) in Brisbane hangin with wifey and Ben!!!!! I pretty good 6 weeks off I must admit!!

6 weeks??? Yes being a teacher has its perks!!! (Rich not being one of them!)

I did manage to read 2 books and a large chunk of another.

Book 1: Clan of the Alphane Moon by Philip Kindred Dick

I really appreciated the humour of this book!!!! Reminded me of Catch 22

Book 2: Amsterdam - Ian McEwan

Some pretty very insightful stuff although a little didactic at times!!!

Book 3 (chunk): Under the Dome by Stephen King

Currently about 620 pages in with 250 to go!!!

I am really enjoying the unpredictable but a little worried it is going to be some weird alien ending that doesn't match the humanised story.

Back at school teaching year 6 and having one of the better years teaching I can remember.

Most importantly having the absolute best home life with a wonderful wife and the most amazing little dude/son I could ever have hoped for!!

I also managed to write 2 short scripts and start a feature. I'll more indepth about them later!
Until then hail to the summer!

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