Sunday, March 21, 2010

Another Film Festival for "The Pessimist"

Well over the last few weeks I have been cold calling with my various short scripts and feature script. Now that I have a legitimate credit to my name I am finding producers are much more willing to read my stuff. About 2 thirds reply and half have seen The Pessimist and loved it. This really helps to give the prospective producer an idea of what I am capable of. This teamed with the fact I have co-written another script that has been optioned and I am finding lots of replies but no takers, yet.

I had a phone conversation with a producer in Melbourne last week and he is partially interested in the feature which would be amazing and through a reply from one producer yesterday I found out that one of my shorts (I only have one!) and one of his shorts are screening at The West End Film Festival next Sunday. What a small world. He has heard of the Pessimist and hopes to catch it then and also loves the work from Lav Productions. Still this is a slim chance but I don't think he would be reading my scripts this week if I didn't have this valuable credit to my name.

So I'll keep toiling away and who knows maybe by the end of the year I'll more exciting news than someone read my script.

Still pretty cool to have an idea of mine screening at yet another Film Festival

Until then hail to calling cold!


  1. Oh brother, where art though film this week. Seems The Pessimist just keeps on keeping on. Very cool. It must be nice to have that credit still out there.

    I think my essay in the back of Criminal is only in back issue bins now, not the greatest, haha, though for that month I was king of the world.

    Glad prospects are still slowly ticking over. That's how we do it.

  2. Dude I think I'm a struck match where you have smoke going for a good strong bonfire!!!!!!!

    Thanks for the support bro!!!